Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: The Weasley Sweater

Best.  Movie.  Ever.

OK, fine, I tend to be hyperbolic.  But seriously, guys.  The movie (it's HP7b, in case you've been living under a rock) was so super fantastic.

Pattern Round-Up: The Weasley Sweater

You know the one.
from HP1; image via The Leaky Cauldron gallery
HP4: cut your hair and stop talking with your mouth full!  jk, luv ya!

So here are some patterns for it!

Screen Grab: The Original Harry Potter Sweater
This knit design [Rav link] by The New Lanark Shop has been claimed as the original pattern and yarn from the films; pricing info for kits at their online shop 

Screen Grab: Weasley Sweater
This free knit pattern from Alison Hansel is available in a lot of places: here and here and here!  She has charts for H and Jenn Jarvis has charts for R!  Thank you, Alison and Jenn!

Screen Grab: Weasley Sweater
Victoria Pruett has put together a free crochet outline [Rav link] by combining this free pattern and charting out the letter M using knitPro.  I wish she'd included the chart; I suppose you could ask her about it.

Screen Grab: Harry Potter Sweater
This one's by Pride & Joy/Rowan [Rav link].

Inspiration: Weasley Cell Cozy
Now this is fun times.  Natasha Sills has a free pattern for a knit mini sweater [Rav link]; it can be used as a cell phone cover or as an ornament with the addition of a pipe cleaner hanger.

And as a bonus: 
Inspiration: Luna's Shawl
Designer Liz Abinante created a shawl to match Luna's "adorably mismatched outfits"; $6 for the pattern [Rav link].


Anonymous said...

I just saw the last movie. It was fantastic but I so hated to see the whole series come to an end.

wormlynn said...

I'm looking for the sweater pattern for the maronish sweater Ron wore in movie three, can anyone help me?