Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knitwear at the Movies: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

At this point I'm absolutely positive that I'm a witch and that Ollivander made my wand of flowering dogwood and dehydrated raspberries.  HP3!
"It's you getting hit in the head with a quaffle! Don't you feel foolish? ...pay special attention to the shading on your sweater. It's rather good."

Hermione's Red Hat in the Snow
I may not like July heat most of the time, but it's better than snow.
I do love this hat and it makes me wish they put Hermione in red more often.  Thick tight cables travel up the crown of the hat with bobbles centered between them; a simple ribbed brim and poof! instant glamour!

Mrs. Weasley's Floppy Cuffs
I know it's an important plot point, but MAN, Scabbers is flippin everywhere in the first couple of sequences of the movie (inn, train platform, Hogwarts Express).
Too much rat, not enough purse
These purple embellished cuffs are most likely crocheted, which is knit-adjacent, so it counts.  Mrs. Weasley was wearing a cute beret in this scene as well, but I couldn't get a picture that showed the hat from a good angle.  So you're left with cuffs and Scabbers.  And part of a purse, which is most likely knit as well.

Ron's Colorful Fair Isle Pullover
Sammy, make a note: this is what I want for Christmakwanzakah!
Clarification: I want the sweater for Christmakwanzakah, not the guy.  He's fictional and you can't give people as gifts.  kthxby
Ron wears this sweater on the ride to Hogwarts, but it's obscured by a jacket and a rat; I was so pleased to get a clear shot of it later in the movie.  I especially enjoy the turquoise and red in close proximity to each other.  Raglan pullover, I believe?  I'm too distracted by the colorpalooza to pay attention to construction.

His other sweater, however, is quite vexing and does not merit its own line item.  It could have been avoided if he had a Sassy Gay Friend:
What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?!
See, even he is more than a bit concerned.  That deep V (practically a U) is unnecessarily deep and the front is riding up and poofing out.  Ugh.  I'm done.  Next!

Lupin's Gray Cardigan
There's a scene in the movie where Lupin and Harry are talking, with Lupin in this sweater and Harry in a bleh gray hoodie.  No duh, I prefer the sweater.
He looks quite dashing by wand light
Wool cardigan in stockinette stitch with a shawl collar and pockets.  It's simple and a classic and I like it a lot, especially with the tie.

Lupin's Scarf
Lupin wore a scarf.  Did you notice?  Were you concentrating with your x-ray vision?
It's really difficult to see, I know, owing to the lighting and the color.  He's having a bad hair moment and I'm only including this because there will be a pattern for it in this afternoon's post-- hey, look, Weasley twins!
I solemnly swear that these hats are up to no good.

Ron's Animal Crackers Hat
Ron is a ginger lion, though his mane clearly doesn't arrive until HP4.
Ear flap hat!  With braids and tassels in chunky weight yarn!  And colorwork in the round!  Yay.

Hermione's Bird Cardigan
This is what Hermione's wearing when Ron brings Colorpalooza out in the light of day.
Dove gray hooded zipper cardigan with charcoal and black Greek key borders and flying bird motif.  They're probably not supposed to be phoenix, but no matter: they hereby receive a promotion to phoenix, in order to help with foreshadowing OR to pay tribute to tomorrow's movie. HP2!

Pattern Round-up later today, as usual.  And just for fun: a series of Ron-Hermione two-shots... do you think those crazy kids will ever get together?
and another striped pullover!

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