Monday, August 22, 2016

Rejected Tweets

Thought the wrist twinge meant rain, stayed inside all day; this morning I can't move my hands.  #WHYgarterstitch

Why don't I work with cotton yarn more?  /forearms attempt to secede from body/  Oh yeah, now I remember.

Trying to knit and play Minesweeper at the same time-- almost dropped several stitches.  #timeforamovie

Is Color Me Beautiful legit?  Am I an Autumn?  Asking for a friend.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Like the Katie Ledecky of Knitting least that's what my friends tell me.HA!

Ever since the opening ceremonies in Rio, I have been superglued to basically all Olympic coverage--
I'm a sucker for the summer games, and this year's swimming and gymnastics competitions have been especially stellar entertainment.  I've even watched some tandem kayaking.  It was cool.

When I left for my vacation in July, I brought this blanket as my only travel knitting:

It grew and grew, through train rides and car trips, until I returned home ready to start the decreases:

And lo, it has been my constant companion these many Olympic evenings: simple to enough to knit without watching the stitches, large enough to be an accomplishment when I finish...
eventually.  Soon?  Please?
Not pictured: the millionty ends I have already woven in
The Olympic half has 3x wider stripes, because sanity prevails.

* yes, Mama, I am quoting Mrs. Elton!  :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shawllapalooza: Looking for a Mind at Work

My love for the musical "Hamilton" is too much for one shawl alone...
Luckily, there are shawl designers who share my leanings:

The Schuyler Sisters [Rav] by Theresa Bandy; knit with over 500 yards of madelinetosh Tosh DK in colorways Arctic, Brick Dust, and Deep

The design is full of connections to the characters of Angelica Schuyler and her sister Eliza Hamilton, with the added presence of Eliza's husband Alexander, pulling them together and apart:

I chose the colors specifically to be reminiscent of the Ravenclaw colors found in the HP books (rather than the movies); if I had to do it over again, the darker blue would not be so very very dark, but the end result is still pretty great, bold and comfortably cozy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shawllapalooza: Purple Emperor

I tried very quickly to look into the history of the term "laceweight" and the precise origins of that designation-- as far as I can tell, "lace" happened first...
The word lace is from Middle English, from Old French las, noose, string, from Vulgar Latin laceum, from Latin laqueus, noose; probably akin to lacere, to entice or ensnare.  (thanks, Wikipedia)
...and "laceweight" thread/string/yarn naturally followed as the material one would use to make holey net-like garments, shawls, &c.

Blue Morpho [Rav] by Natasha Sills; knit with a skein of Verdant Gryphon Mithril in colorway Ravenswood

This shawl pattern was designed to look like butterfly wings, with subtle beading around the very edge of the border.

It has a great drape and it's light as anything and it's very easy to roll up into a tidy bundle for traveling and it's a little bit fancy... 
makes me want to take it on a trip to Venice or something.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shawllapalooza: Practical Tactical Brilliance

I'm not going to pretend I'm anything less than OBSESSED with the Broadway musical "Hamilton"; by now it's a cultural hurricane, and I was an early adopter, so right now I'd just like to say

Ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!
Lafayette Shawl [Rav] by Julie Farmer; knit with 3 skeins of madelinetosh Tosh DK in colorway Spectrum

Let's be honest: I knit this solely for the pattern name...  it was a simple, satisfying knit and I ended up with a great shawl that's practical (tactical brilliance) and ingenuitive (and fluent in French).

Monday, August 8, 2016

Shawllapalooza: Lost in the Stacks

Prior to my accidental sabbatical, I featured the first two of this year's twelve shawls (here and here)... 
and then I fell down.
SO!  What about the next four I've finished?

One a day for four days straight BOOM you're welcome

Lost in the Forest [Rav] by Cath Ward; knit with 2/3 skein of madelinetosh Prairie in colorway Carnation

Blocking really is a magical moment in the life of a lace shawl; the negative space is as important as the stitches themselves, and pins are fun for poking.

I knit this shawl for a library colleague on the eve of her retirement, to celebrate her long career of being just the nicest person I've ever met.  I hope right now she's on a beach somewhere, sipping a fruity drink while her grandchildren get knocked over by the ocean waves.
And reading a good book for fun.

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Which I Navel-Gaze a Little

I used to fill journals, scribbling page after page,
like writing down words was a battle to wage.

I didn't mean for that to turn into poetry, but since it does rhyme,
Imma leave it like that.  :)

But it's true, I wrote without saying much of substance, just to be heard, whether it was by Future Me (in my diary) or by my best friend (who lived an hour away in the pre-internet days).  It was a lot of sound and fury fear, if I'm honest, mortifying stuff to remember as the adult I've become.

The only reason I bring my scrawling childhood up now is because, as it turns out, my adulthood has been full of carefully chosen words arranged very specifically.  A college education focused on literature and an introverted nature have combined in maturity to make me a woman who consumes many, many more words than she produces.  To constantly parse language takes energy, even when it's done habitually.  I speak fairly often (gotta get my words out!), but my writing tends to be work-related now -- this or that work email, each picked apart and pieced back together in passive voice to present an impersonal professional package -- so at the end of the day, I'm tired and my words are "gone."

This amateur knitting blog has suffered the ups and downs of my natural energy cycles, but I'm going to *officially* commit to writing more in this space: I have stuff to say!  About knitting!

And also pretty pictures to share.

Hey, thanks for reading this.  :)