Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: General HP Silliness

The scope of influence of the Harry Potter series (books and movies) is broad and far-reaching.  It all sounds very serious.  This post is not about literary criticism or social impact.  This post is about fun stuff.  Read on!

Pattern Round-Up: General HP Silliness

Potter and Pop Culture: “What’s that Ticking Noise?”
I'm sure you've picked up on my love for StarKid Productions and their YouTube-able full-scale, live musical theatre productions A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.  BUT I have yet to mention Neil Cicierega, his Potter Puppet Pals YouTube series, and the original video The Mysterious Ticking Noise:

Knit designer Darlene Polishak and crochet designer Melissa Mall have provided free patterns to replicate all these puppets!  Now you too can confuse your friends in the privacy of your living room!

knit!  Knitted Potter Puppet Pals designed by Darlene Polishak
Harry and Dumbledore [Rav link]
Hermione and Ron [Rav link]
Snape and Voldemort [Rav link] 
crochet!  Pocket Potter Puppet Pals by Melissa Mall
Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione [Rav link]
Dumbledore, Voldemort and Snape [Rav link]

HP and Christmas
Christmas is a time for sweaters knit by Mrs. Weasley, Invisibility cloak bequeathals, and snow from the Great Hall's Enchanted Ceiling.  Let's celebrate Christmas in July, shall we?
top (c) Phoenixknits; bottom (c) Marie Wright
knit!  Prolific Potter designer Phoeny has designed five knit Harry Potter Character Christmas Baubles [Rav link] to be knitted flat; only $5 (so, really, a dollar per character)!
free knit!  Marie Wright has transformed the traditional Weasley sweater into small sock ornaments knit with Hogwarts house colors; her Hogwarts Mini House Sock Ornaments pattern [Rav link] will spruce up any spruce!

HP Bling
A stylish witch knows how to accessorize... with knit jewelry from free patterns, of course!
1 (c) Katt Descoteau; 2 (c) Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin; 3 (c) Jen Spears
knit!  House Scarf Earrings [Rav link] by Katt Descoteau
crochet!  Luna Lovegood's Radish Earrings [Rav link] by Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin
crochet!  Slytherin Locket [Rav link] by Jen Spears

Books books books!
It's only right that magical books have accompanying fanciful pagemarkers! (all these patterns are free!)
1 (c) Ann Kingstone; 2 (c) Laura K. Miller; 3 (c) Dee Brown; 4 (c) Lion Brand Yarn; 5 (c) Leah Waig
knit!  Hogwarts Double Knitted Bookscarves [Rav link] by Ann Kingstone
knit!  Harry Potter Bookscarf Pattern [Rav link] by Laura K. Miller
knit!  Dobby Style SockMark [Rav link] by Dee Brown 
crochet!  Crochet "House Colors" Scarf Bookmark [Lion Brand link] [Rav link] by Lion Brand Yarn  
crochet!  Nagini the Snake Bookmark [Rav link] by Leah Waig

OK!  Sorry about the Netflix snafu.  HP2 tomorrow, fo sho fo sho.

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