Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Ravellenics Games BEGIN!

Aaaaaaaand GO!
(yes, I know, this photo was staged before my trip; whatevs, blog magic)
Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl [Rav], a free pattern by Gail Tanquary!

Competing in: Shawl Sailing PLUS balance beads, holiday hurdles, lace longjump, synchronized stash busting

Thursday, July 19, 2012

You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy)

I may or may not be going on a trip soon.  This alleged trip may or may not involve four days worth of sitting in a car with a toddler.

I may or may not be taking all this with me:

  1. Pathways Blanket [Rav] by Frankie Brown; top half completely seamed, bottom half has 2/3rds of the horizontal seams done; still need to do that crocheted border!!
  2. some sort of baby blanket square; I don't what I want to do yet AND I don't think I have enough yarn AND I'm supposed to have it shipped by July 31st.  Le sigh.
  3. Baby V-Neck Vest [Rav] by Katy Moore; needs to be done by July 27, but I still need to cast on...
  4. Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl [Rav] by Gail Tanquary; casting on at the start of the London Olympics!
  5. All Twisted Up Yoga Socks [Rav] by Bonnie Pruitt; lives in my purse for now
Two of these projects may or may not be making their new homes at my destination.  And all this knit work may or may not be totally fun!

p.s. all the patterns listed in today's post are free!
Because that's what happens.  Maybe.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is not fun.
Yesterday or so, I completed all the horizontal seams on the top half of The Blanket that has Eaten My Summer.  Those who are paying attention may be realizing now that this is Bachelor #3, the center heart color configuration; probably wouldn't have been my choice, but since the final product is not for me, I've deferred to the infallible wisdom of the recipient's sister (hi there, Ma!)...
...and here are the squares I have left to manage.  The original plan was to do all the horizontal seams before seaming vertically, but even 54 squares is such a pain to have on my lap that I have realized (brilliantly) that I can totally seam each half before grafting them together.

I hate finishing!  I like knitting!  I miss knitting!  Bah!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Slow Blanket Slog

Blanket fever is bordering on obsession at this point (and I haven't even reached the border yet - BAH!).  All 108 squares have been knit, finished, and blocked  PLUS  I've got to cast on and complete another s.e.c.r.e.t square for another project.  Whoa nelly.

Here are some color configuration ideas I've been knocking about...
The quality on all of these is horrible; the combination of awful lighting, large blanket, and small-ish me does not make for excellent photography conditions.
I'm torn between the safety of an organized gradient-like presentation seen in these pictures and the potential excitement of random let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may placement.  Either way, I'm definitely going with the geometric small diamond pattern.