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Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

You'll find as we get to the earlier movies, there are a lot more patterns; that's what happens when folks have more time to think about them!

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
relevant links to the KM post with pictures are helpfully provided in the pattern title heading

Screen Grab: Ron's Animal Cracker Hat
So. Many. Patterns.  This hat is by far this movie's most popular item for replication.  There's a little something for everyone...
knit! Ron's Animal Crackers Hat [Rav link] by Eileene Coscolluela; from the book Charmed Knits
free knit!  Animal Cracker Hat [Rav link] by Dale Hwang
free *easy* knit! A Practical Animal Cracker Hat [Rav link] by Becca Evans
free crochet! Crochet Ron Weasley Animal Crackers Hat [Rav link] by Kristen Mohr

Everything but machine knitting... which brings me to:
Screen Grab: Machine Knit Harry Potter POA Hat And Scarf
I was surprised that a machine knitting pattern would be so foreign-looking; it's like reading Greek (and crochet instructions are like Arabic, I swear.  ch? sc?  What are these sounds?  Don't tell me, I don't care.).  Anyway, this free pattern [Rav link] was designed by Guli Semb...

Screen Grab: Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf
...and here's another free pattern for the scarf [Rav link], designed by Rachel Alexandra, for those of us who don't necessarily know what a "keyplate" is.

Look-Alike: Molly Weasley's Floppy Cuffs
No one has attempted to replicate Mrs. Weasley's purple cuffs from the train platform scene, so I've done some searching for similar patterns.  None of these knit pattern retails for less than $5; however, they all have the requisite floppiness:
My Sweet Cogette Lace Cuffs [Rav link] by Sarah Engelke
Undulation Cuffs [Rav link] by Lynne Vogel
Marylebone Gardens Cuffs [Rav link] by Kathy Broughton
Florentina [Rav link] by Melissa Barton
Tudor Rose [Rav link] by Regina Hoppel

Screen Grab: Lupin Scarf
This really is a scarf movie, innit? This is an asymmetrical scarf with heavy cabling [Rav link] designed by Dale Hwang and available for free!

Not Quite: Lupin's Gray Cardigan
I really wanted a pattern for this sweater; the closest I could find was -- no kidding -- Baby Sophisticate [Rav link], a free shawl collared baby cardigan designed by Linden Down.  It has Italian, Polish, and Portuguese translations, so cool points for that.  I'd say that someone should make one for Teddy, but that just makes me sad.

Screen Grab: Hermione's Bobbles and Cable Hey
This free hat pattern [Rav link] designed by Kashikhan is a quick knit for those who might want to wear a stocking cap in July to the HP7b midnight showing.

Screen Grab: Monster Book Cover
photo on right (c) Phoenixknits
Oooh, props!  The pattern/photo tutorial [Rav link] by Phoeny retails for $4.50 and I'm sooo tempted to buy it.  So dangerous terrifying fuzzy!  Yes, there's Fun Fur, but I'm willing to forgive in this instance.

Screen Grab: Harry Potter Time-Turner
photo on right (c) Kaitlyn Yeager
I can't be the only one who wanted to grab the time-turner right off the screen.  This free crochet pattern [Rav link] was designed by Kaitlyn Yeager as a great stash-busting project.

Anybody want to make some animals?
Screen Grab: Buckbeak the Hippogriff
photo on right (c) Phoenixknits
Designer Phoeny offers this "animal softie" pattern [Rav link] for the low rate of $4.50.  Pros: 1) easy to knit, 2) Buckbeak!  Cons: more FUN FUR.

Screen Grab: Pigwidgeon: the wee tiny owl
left via Harry Potter Wiki; right (c) LNS
A wee tiny owl to call your own!  This free pattern [Rav link] designed by Lauren Scungio is based on the pompon technique -- very smart.  This is a bit of a cheat for me, though; Pigwidgeon first appears in the HP3 book but does not appear in the movie series until HP4.  You don't care, right?  Sorry for nerding all over you.

Inspiration: Whomping Willow
Angela Tennant likes to design pretty HP socks; this pattern [Rav link] costs $5 and features pretty leaf motifs and toe-up construction.

Inspiration: Trelawney's Bag
image via The Leaky Cauldron
There's a reason this is an Inspiration and not a Screen Grab: because this "Bag" is actually a sock pattern!  Angela Tennant (also: see above) designed the pattern [Rav link] to be used in a sock club... I guess you could bug her about making the pattern available to the knitting masses, iff you're feeling especially passionate about HP socks.

Inspiration: Prisoner of Azkaban Sock
Designer Audrey Paquin kept it simple and subtly striped with this free pattern [Rav link].

Inspiration: PoA cloth
It may be a dishcloth for Muggle washing-up purposes, but Michelle Malach's free pattern [Rav link] sure looks like a prison-made license plate to me.  I bet Bellatrix Lastrange helped with this one.

Inspiration: Knight Bus
Another free dishcloth pattern [Rav link], this one designed by Marie Wright, inspired by Stan Shunpike, Ernie the driver, and the talking shrunken head.

Tomorrow is another day... a day for secrets.  And, I hope, something knit worn by Harry Potter himself.

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