Friday, July 15, 2011

Knitwear at the Movies: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

We've arrived at the movie that started it all.  I hope you're prepared: they're all babies, it's so cute!
Pointy hats for all!

Mrs. Weasley and Ginny wear knits
...and don't do much else in this movie.
This is before we learn Mrs. Weasley's secret to knitting sweaters for self and several children.  Let's look at her hat, shall we?
Nice dark green cabled beret, with sections of what seems to be honeycomb brioche stitch; I could be wrong, though.  The color goes well with red hair.  Speaking of which...
Identical variegation, by the magic of dye lots

Train Candy!
Cardigan from the trolley?
You can catch little more than a glimpse of feather and fan on the sleeve and yarnover action on the collar.  Anything more would spoil your supper.

Hogwarts Issue Knits
Ah, to attend boarding school with uniforms in an oceanic climate:
No, it's not a knit tie.  Calm down.
From left:  knit gloves, Hogwarts-issue V-neck sweater, Gryffindor-issue scarf circa 1991.

Harry's Sweaters
Before the costume designers decided knitwear was far too mainstream for the likes of one who did battle with the darkest, most dangerous wizard of all time... the boy wore sweaters!
He wore this sapphire beauty with various twists and cables on a moss stitch background while learning the ins and outs of quidditch from one Oliver Wood (Sean Biggerstaff) in a charcoal tweed ribbed turtleneck...
Hello, ladies.

Then there's wizard chess in the emerald wonder...
...which is identical in all but color to the ruby cabled pullover Harry wears when every important thing happens.
If he's wearing red, pay attention.

Hermione's Fair Isle
When all the excitement is happening at the end, with the red sweater and all, Hermione's wearing this:
Who run the world?  (Girls)
They never show this cardigan full length in bright light at close range.  There are colorwork snowflakes on a field of dark green near the top, but I can't give you anything more specific.  But it's pretty.

Oh, and by the way...  Ron thinks Hermione's okay for a girl.
Foreshadow much?

HP1 Pattern Round-up this afternoon!

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Leslie said...

I just rewatched this and noticed a lot of yummy knitwear; especially Harry's sapphire cabled and Hermione's colorwork at the end of the movie. I've searched Ravelry and the Internet looking for more on her sweater... which led me to your post. I'm surprised it hasn't been reproduced by some Ravelryer.
Knit on!