Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blankety Stuffs

I have been busy and tired and full of allergy brain and blah blah blah, excuses.

But I have also been making blanket things!

This one is for a baby I know-- I've been planning to make it for about five years, and still I managed to mess up some of the patterning.  I don't think it's too obvious, though...
Baby Chalice Blanket [Rav] by Karen S. Lauger; knit with almost 3 skeins of Primrose Yarn Whirl in colorway Fluorite

The colorway is really pretty (though the greens in each skein are very different) and it's difficult to capture the variations; here's the closest photo I have:

Then I dyed the remainder yarn and made a blanket square, but not for any of the blankets I'm supposed to be working on, because of course:
Banyan Tree Practice Dishcloth Afghan Square Block [Rav] by Margaret MacInnis; knit with less than 100yds of Primrose Yarn Whirl, dyed with KoolAid
Getting better at cabling, but it's still no fun.

OK, time to work at the job where they pay me -- high fives to you, byeeeee!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


So I've been working on this pankity pank pank shawl:

The yarn is a laceweight single and it's so very light, knitting it up feels a little like making cotton candy, adding layer by layer until there's quite a bit to see that doesn't weigh much.  Every stitch I make seems like it stands alone... until I hold up the work to see an obvious structure that's really striking in total.

Knitting's really cool, you guys.
And now I want cotton candy.  Or leftover jellybeans or something.