Friday, January 29, 2016

2015: The Year in Shawls

As is my New Year semi-tradition by now, let's talk about scads of shawls, shall we?...

TWELVE SHAWLS IN 2015?  Did not quite happen. 
I almost did eleven.  That's a lot, right?  Why do I feel bummed?

Shawl Project Pattern [Ravelry links]
1 Purple Orchids (for Overthrowing Asgard) Golden Orchids [Rav]
2 Faerie Queen's Floral Wing Rosebud [Rav]
3 Cleverest Witch of Her Age Neckerchief For A Young Warlock [Rav]
4 Golden Garden of Canary Creams Moss Garden [Rav]
5 Fractaled Fairy Tale Sierpinski's Triangle Shawl [Rav]
6 Valor Aid Society test knit; incorporates Oceanspray [Rav]
7 Armor for Battle Passe-partout [Rav]
8 Bloodstone Island Rock Island [Rav]
9 Catalonian Fireball test knit
10 Ryblink Eyeblink [Rav]
11 Refuah Sh’lemah Pollikeet Shawl [Rav]

Since I spent the entirety of 2015 not posting on this blog, I'll be going through these shawls and writing about my faves, because they're just so darn pretty.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Probably a Bad Idea

I just made an excellent decision to go to bed at a reasonable hour...
right before logging onto Blogger and writing this post off the top of my head instead.

I'm in the throes of a nebulous WIP;
the boundaries of which are as yet uncharted --
unexplored by me, that is, rather than improvised or unpatterned--

The pattern is very patterned and very much FREE!:
Eliza [Rav] by Avid Knitter

A garment for me that doesn't contain a whole lot of body conscious shaping: exciting!
Even more exciting?  The yarn I'm using:


It's Malabrigo Sock in the coveted Archangel colorway and it's the perfect match for this pattern, in my highly biased opinion:

And NOW I'm going to bed.  I promise.  Because while I'd much rather be knitting on this glorious enigma, I left it at work.
Soooooo g'night.