Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pattern Round-up: Qare for some Quidditch?

I have planned poorly.  No HP2 posts for today because—get this—the movie does not arrive from Netflix until this afternoon.  GRRR.  So... tomorrow!  In the meantime, I’ll be posting Pattern Round-ups for collections of HP patterns I’ve compiled during my research for all the movie posts… enjoy!

Pattern Round-Up: Qare for some Quidditch?

Golden Snitch
1 (c) Raynor Gellatly; 2 (c) Melissa Mall; 3 (c) Heather Smith; 4 (c) Vendula Maderska
You can’t play Quidditch without a golden snitch, as everyone knows; here are a few free choice patterns to get the job done:
knit!  The Golden Snitch [Rav link] by Raynor Gellatly
crochet!  The Golden Snitch [Rav link] by Melissa Mall
crochet!  The Golden Snitch [Rav link] by Heather Smith
crochet plus!  The boy who lived - "Snitch" [Rav link] by Vendula Maderska

If you’ve caught snitch fever, here are some more free patterns for you:
1 (c) Freshisle Fibers; 2 (c) Woodhill Design; 3 (c) Kim Strauss
knit!  Golden Snitch Hat [Rav link] by Freshisle Fibers
crochet!  Golden Snitch Bookmark [Rav link] by Woodhill Design
crochet!  Golden Snitch Tape Measure [Rav link] by Kim Strauss

Hogwarts Quidditch Broomsticks [Rav link]
image (c) Bethany Katherine
This $1 crochet pattern by Bethany Katherine is good for using up scraps of yarn in browns and tans.

For the Flyers – for free – these great fingerless glove knitting patterns will help you get your grip:
1 (c) Jolene Meurer; 2, 3 (c) Jenn Bragg; 4 (c) SarahScott Brett; 5 (c) Tracy Hollis; 6 (c) Ceri Jones
Ravenclaw Quidditch Gloves [Rav link] by Jolene Meurer
R is for Ravenclaw [Rav link] by Jenn Bragg
H is for Hufflepuff [Rav link] by Jenn Bragg
Potter Mitts [Rav link] by SarahScott Brett; can be knit in various house colors
HP House Wrist Warmers [Rav link] by Tracy Hollis
Harry Potter Gryffindor Style Hand Warmers [Rav link] by Ceri Jones; knit flat and seamed

For the Fans – for free – use these crests as flags to show your support and pride!
1 (c) Arbel Dekel; 2 (c) Danielle MacDonald; 3, 4 (c) Lee Mac; 5 (c) Tracy Hollis; 6 (c) Anna Hamblen
knit fashion!  Gryffindor Cami [Rav link] by Arbel Dekel 
knit!  Hogwarts School Crest Chart [Rav link] by Danielle MacDonald 
crochet!  Slytherin House Crest [Rav link] by Lee Mac
crochet!  Hufflepuff House Crest [Rav link] by Lee Mac
crochet!  Gryffindor Crest block HHH CAL [Rav link] by Tracy Hollis and Anna Hamblen
crochet!  Ravenclaw Crest Block HHH CAL [Rav link] by Anna Hamblen

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