Friday, July 15, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

This looks like a short pattern post, but it's important to realize that sooo many elements of the movie are carried throughout the series and do not only belong to this movie.  ...I did cheat a lot, though, due to the sparseness of it all.  Fun fact: the Harry Potter Wiki has an entry about the Muggle hobby of knitting done by magical characters throughout the series!

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
relevant links to the KM post with pictures are helpfully provided in the pattern title heading

Screen Grab: Harry's Red Cable Sweater
It’s the sweater that started it all, recreated here [Rav link] by designer/author Alison Hansel for her HP knits book Charmed Knits.

...of course, if you wanted to knit one for an adult woman, it's easy enough to find another free cabled sweater pattern, slightly modify it, and knit it in red...
57-1 Sweater with Cables in "Alaska" [Rav link] by DROPS design
Cable and Garter Stitch Pullover (C115) [Rav link] by Nancy Wiseman
...easy enough for you, that is.  I'm not going to try it anytime soon!

Screen Grab: Hagrid
right (c) Phoenixknits
One of the moments I remember best from my first viewing of HP1 was seeing half-giant gamekeeper (later Professor of Care of Magical Creatures) Rubeus Hagrid break down a cottage door on a rainy night.  Designer Phoeny has made it possible to take this loyal friend with you everywhere [Rav link]; $5.

Screen Grab: Norberta
right (c) Kate Kuckro
What, you were looking for realism?  At least there's one dragon you won't have to send to Romania... unless you happen to live there.  Kate Kuckro published this in the Winter 2006 Knitty -- which, of course, means it's free [Rav link]!

From the Book: Hagrid's Dragon Blankie
"People stared more than ever on the train.  Hagrid took up two seats and sat knitting what looked like a canary-yellow circus tent."  ~ HP2, Ch 5, p65
A circus tent would be a bit much for someone with no giant ancestry, I think, so Freshisle Fibers scaled Hagrid's project down for us humans; only $5 for this beautiful pattern [Rav link]!

Inspiration: Firenze the Centaur Socks
image via Harry Potter Wiki
This free sock pattern [Rav link] by Anita Williams features stars (centaurs love the night sky) and an arrow pattern (calling to mind the cross-bow).

Inspiration: Diagon-Alley Scarf - archived
Katie Marcus has provided this free diagonally-striped scarf pattern [Rav link], designed to keep you warm and stylish during your cauldron and wand purchasing.

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