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Yes, this is a blog about knitting.
No, I cannot crochet.  At all.
Yes, I've knitted for over a decade.
No, Cyprienne is not my real name.
Yes, feel free to feel free!

Knitting things I enjoy:
lacy triangular shawls
top-down raglan baby cardigans
blankets knit circularly
striped stocking caps
free patterns

Knitting things I do not enjoy:
socks of all shapes and sizes
felted items and the act of felting
float puckers in my colorwork
curled-up stockinette scarves

Non-knitting things I enjoy:
singing, in a choir or in the car
video games and other nerdy pursuits
almost all Shakespeare (sorry, Comedy of Errors)
warm, misty, overcast days
truth, beauty, love, peace

Non-knitting things I do not enjoy:
ants in the kitchen
outside construction waking the baby
game applications on Facebook
pretty much anything having to do with money
war, injustice, poverty, greed


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