Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: HP Socks!

Gearing up for HP7b this afternoon!  I'll try to take mental knit notes, but mostly I'm just going to enjoy the movie and the company of my husband.

Pattern Round-Up: Socks Inspired by the Wizarding World

Wizards and Witches
freeHermione's Everyday Socks [Rav link] by Erica Lueder
freeMinerva's Argyles [Rav link] by MoreThanOneWay
free!  Socks for the Deputy Headmistress [Rav link] by Erica Lueder
Luna's Moonlight Socks [Rav link] by Ann Kingstone; £3.00 GBP
free!  Patchwork Weasley Socks [Rav link] by Erica Lueder
freeFred and George socks [Rav link] by Rosemary Waits
free!  Simply Ginny Socks! [Rav link] by Anna Peck
free!  Bellatrix [Rav link] by Monkey Toes
free!  Tonks Variety Socks [Rav link] by Anne Campbell

Hogwarts et al.
designs by Lykkefanten for free!
  Go Gryffindor [Rav link]
  Root for Ravenclaw [Rav link]
  Hurray Hufflepuff [Rav link]
  Such a Slytherin [Rav link]
designs by Ann Kingstone; £3.00 GBP each
  Gryffindor Pride Socks [Rav link]
  Ravenclaw Pride Socks [Rav link]
  Hufflepuff Pride Socks [Rav link]
  Slytherin Pride Socks [Rav link]
  Hogwarts Socks [Rav link]
free!  Moving Staircases Socks [Rav link] by Lauren Scungio
free!  Fawkes [Rav link] by Monkey Toes
free!  Hogwarts Mini House Sock Ornaments [Rav link] by Marie Wright 

Wizarding Miscellany
inspired by Wendelin the Weird
  freeWendelin [Rav link] by Rosemary Waits
inspired by Merope Gaunt
  Merope [Rav link] by h. e. wintermute; $6.00 USD
inspired by the Black family motto
  Toujours Pur [Rav link] by Carrie Barraco; $2.50 USD
inspired by Durmstrang wizarding school in northern Europe
  Durmstrang socks [Rav link] by Ann Kingstone; £3.00 GBP
inspired by Beauxbatons wizarding school in France
  Chaussettes de Beauxbatons [Rav link] by Ann Kingstone; £2.50 GBP

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