Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This is a crazy breakneck pace; I am possibly overcompensating for the fact that I will not be in a movie theatre at midnight on Friday... or indeed any time in the near future.

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
relevant links to the KM post with pictures are helpfully provided in the pattern title heading

Screen Grab: Hermione Grainbow
This stripe-by-stripe replica of Hermione's pullover [Rav link] is offered by J. R. Lockwood; only $5.

Screen Grab: Luna Lovegood's Crocheted Cardigan
It is a testament to Luna's excellent (albeit fictional) taste in knitwear that this post is dominated by patterns to duplicate them.  Megan Nieves designed a crochet version of the lovely cornflower cardigan [Rav link] from the Thestrals-in-the-woods scene.

Screen Grab: Rad Radish
A first glance at Hannah Kaminsky's free pattern [Rav link] is confusing and tangential: ...yep, radishes... like in Professor Sprout's greenhouse?  BUT take a second glance: these can be used to make Luna Lovegood's Dirigible Plum earrings!:
just like these, only knit instead of beaded!
Trivia: did you know Luna actress Evanna Lynch made these earrings herself?  ROCK ON.

Screen Grab: Luna Lovegood's Hog's Head Hat
More Luna for you-na!  This free take on her hat [Rav link] in the Hog's Head Inn DA meeting scene is brought to you by designer Aleta Skaanland.

Screen Grab: Luna's Hog's Head Scarf
I found three good free patterns to replicate Luna's scarf from that first DA meeting:
knitting!  Luna Lovegood Scarf [Rav link] designed by Melissa Helton
knitting!  Skinny Grey Scarf [Rav link] designed by cynalune
crochet!  Luna Lovegood Scarf [Rav link] designed by Jen Bruck

Screen Grab: Luna's Necklace
Designed by Tricia L. Richardson to keep the nargles away, this free crochet butterbeer cork [Rav link] is perfect for the witch or wizard who's a little different. 

Inspiration: Phineas
Former Hogwarts Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black is the inspiration for these free socks [Rav link] designed by the prolific Rosemary Waits.

There will not be a post later today, because no there won't be.  Check back tomorrow morning for HP4!

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