Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Only ten hours away from HP7b midnight showings on the US East Coast!!

Pattern Round-Up: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
relevant links to the KM post with pictures are helpfully provided in the pattern title heading

Screen Grab: Molly Weasley’s Technicolor Sweater
Ever’body wants to be Mrs. Weasley.  And if you crochet, you too can wear some crazy arm-bells!
crochet!  Coat of Many Colors Sweater (Molly Weasley Sweater) [Rav link] by Shelle Hendrix Cain
crochet!  "Molly Weasley" Style Bell Sleeves [Rav link] by Jo Titchard-Lyons
free crochet!  Molly Weasley Sweater from Chamber of Secrets by Wizards_Pupil

Screen Grab: Aragog the Spider Monster
right (c) Wendy Gross
I share Ron’s arachnophobia, so while I do not relish the thought of a spider toy lying about, I concede that Wendy Gross’s $2 Aragog pattern [Rav link] is very well done… maybe even cute?  Nope, still creepy.  You might like it, though.

Screen Grab: Mandrake Plant
right (c) Phoenixknits
Prolific HP designer Phoeny does it again with this faithful recreation of the noisy anthropomorphic root [Rav link]; it only costs $4 to get a pattern and the finished product won’t shatter your eardrums!
NOTE: Mandrakes are real!  Be still, my Muggle heart!

Inspiration: Lumos! Sock
This free pattern [Rav link], designed by Sarah Vendel , features a wand created by yarn-overs with shooting beams of light on each sock’s side.

Inspiration: Dobby Hat
Designer Sarah Hasse offers this free pattern [Rav link] for those without Hogwarts house colors who still wish to express HP love generally and Dobby love specifically.  Thanks, Sarah!
NOTE: This pattern has also been repurposed for a Link-from-Zelda variation [Rav link] for the gamer in your life.

Inspiration: Dobby’s Socks
These patterns, designed and featured in the HP pattern book Charmed Knits by author Alison Hansel, are super cute; they are intentionally mismatched, and a couple of the designs have rows of snitches and broomsticks (I thought they were wands, for a little bit) in a less-than-subtle nod to the wearer’s magical leanings.

Inspiration: Phoenix Tears Scarf
right via Charmed Knits
Heather Brack designed this scarf to use textured and novelty yarn; the pattern [Rav link] is also featured in Charmed Knits.

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