Thursday, March 31, 2016

FO: A Tapestry from Harrods

SO!  This is what I made with Tart:
gentlemen prefer chevrons [Rav] by bunnymuff; 
knit with madelinetosh prairie in colorway Tart

I loved knitting this pattern, a whole lot.  In fact, I tried to find a way to make the shawl larger, but an embiggening plan was less than obvious, even for an experienced lace shawl knitter.  Plus I get tired at night and "math is hard" (lol).

Still, the final shawl is beyond lovely:

And I have extra yarn left over!  The mind boggles!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dream Team

Sometimes a yarn is so fantastic, it can live only in the stash of my imagination.  It could be that the yarn is rare enough that next to no one has seen it in person (I'm looking at you, Pearl Yarn).  But more often, I'll see something extra specially pretty and I won't be able to narrow down the realm of project possibility; it gets overwhelming, so I admire from a distance.

So let's flashback, shall we?  New Year's Eve, 2015, I was just slightly tipsy enough to take advantage of a really good WEBS sale: a "colorway surprise!" two-pack of madelinetosh prairie yarn.  Since I'd used the yarn base before, I knew that I'd easily find laceweight shawl patterns that could work well with it; what I didn't know is what colors I would get.

One was a very light pink, Carnation, that I've very recently cast on...
pankity pank pank
...and the other?  Well.  The other was Tart:
its majesty cannot be captured with current photographic technology
I've been in love with Tart for years.  I've long felt that I could not do Tart justice.  But here is Tart, showing up at my door, unbidden.
Tis a sign!

I made A Thing with Tart and it's purty and I'll share it later this week.  :)

Friday, March 25, 2016

FO: The Islands Speak to Her

When I played Yarn Chicken with that ombre skein, it didn't work out precisely as planned...  but it still looks really darn good:
The sea speaks to me [Rav] by Athanasia Andritsou; knit with a full skein of Knitwhits Freia Ombré Lace in colorway Metropolis

I love this shawl.  Luff it.  Sew mush.
Pretty pretty pretty pretty
Seriously, I'm going to stop talking.  The pics say it all.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Pi Day! 3.14

This message has been brought to you at 3/14 at 1:59am...

image credit: Wikipedia

Yeah, it's dorky to celebrate Pi Day, but there's a whole thing at the National Institutes of Health ("Celebrating the Intersection Between the Mathematical & Biomedical Sciences"), so we might as well join in the fun!

First I made a dishcloth based on the pi shawl formula for making a knit circle from the inside out...
 Pi Dishcloth [Rav] by Nettie DiLorenzo; knit with approx 50yds of Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in colorways Spruce and Pale Green

Then I decorated a store-bought apple pi(e), because this weekend was busy and I didn't feel like baking a pie...