Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: The Year in Shawls

Buongiorno, principessa, and thank you for always forgiving my tendency to disappear for months at a time.  Have I mentioned that you look stunning in that color?  It's true!

It's 2014 now -- a most Happy New Year to you -- which stirs the recapper in all of us.  So without further ado...

TWELVE SHAWLS IN 2013?  YES, it happened!

Most were gifts for the deserving and a few are mine mine mine -- success on the shawl front!

Shawl Project Pattern [Ravelry links]
1 Arrowed Arroyo [Rav]
2 Next Stop Everything Bigger on the Inside [Rav]
3 Grito Bandito Springtime Bandit [Rav]
4 Techni-Cover Melon Sorbet [Rav]
5 Shawl Showdown is GO Fall of Leaves [Rav]
6 Dru Flies My version of Summer flies [Rav]
7 Gryffindors Always Pay
Their Debts
EZ 100th Anniversary
Gull Wings Half-Circle [Rav]
8 Urban Druid Lavalette [Rav]
9 Estelio han, estelio veleth Evenstar Shawl [Rav]
10 Fatal Refraction Refraction Shawlette [Rav]
11 Milk and Mulled Wine Lagune [Rav]
12 Eyelets on the Prize Eyelet Lace Shawlette [Rav]

There will be more content on this blog more frequently in the coming year, and that's an almost-promise you can take to the bank!  For now, besos and hugs and holiday cheer from my household to yours!


a. gingringer said...

congrats on reaching your goal—those shawls look awesome!

also, glad to hear that you may be considering the possibility of perhaps posting more frequently in 2014 :).

Carolyn Zick said...

Beautiful shawls!! I am looking forward to seeing more blog posts. I just started following you, but I've been reading for a while now. Looove your work!! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hee! I made that "Bigger on the Inside" shawlette, too. What a fun pattern!