Saturday, January 4, 2014

FO Catchup: Post-Evenstar Shawls

Disappearing at the end of 2013 was not my intention; shawls n stuff kept happening, I just didn't document it.  There was a bit of December where I didn't knit for six days straight... but let us not speak of that horrible time!  These shawls have one thing in common: I'm keeping all of them SO THERE.

Fatal Refraction!
I got to do a test knit eeeeeee!!  Sorry, I'm still really excited this happened; I follow the Stitched Together blog and podcast, and you should to if you like to read about knitting (which all awesome people do).

Point of the story being: I got to test-knit a shawl design and I luff it:
 Refraction Shawlette [Rav] by Stitched Together Designs; knit with less than a skein of Cascade Heritage Silk in colorway 5619 Christmas Red

It's not free, but it's worth it.  Bonus: my shawl is on the pattern page, because I'm a boss.

Milk and Mulled Wine!
Okay, I talked about this one in my month-of-September recap, but I wanted to call it out again because I can:

Eyelets on the Prize!
Back during the aggravating government shutdown, I had a false start with a shawl pattern.  I still want to knit it eventually, but the pattern I ultimately chose works much better with the lovely yarn:
Eyelet Lace Shawlette [Rav] by TemptingEwe Designs; knit with a whole skein of Lost City Twin Canyon Merino/Silk Fingering in colorway Rock Bottom
MODS: 26 full repeats of rows 6-11, plus 1 row 6 and plain bindoff (picots drive me crazy) with US8 needle

The yarn is definitely busy, but it's so so soft and the eyelets in the pattern kept me from falling asleep.
Thank you again to Laurie for the yarn -- it's so beautiful and I hope to enjoy the finished product for a long, long time!

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