Saturday, March 9, 2013

Questions I Ask about February (Shawl FOs)

Guess who didn't post any words last month?  Didja guess yet?
This surprises no one.

Remember that January shawl that needed better pictures?
This one right here.
Took photos and handed it off to its rightful owner, doot-do-doo!  My mom (hi Mama!) helped me realize that while 2012's shawls were all about saying thank you to some of the awesome people I know, 2013's shawls are already trending in the comfort-for-people-going-through-tough-stuff direction.
Arroyo [Rav] by Sarah H. Wolf; knit with about 4 skeins of 
Karabella Yarns Aurora 8 in colorway 8167 Blue
This was a fantastic knit and I'm going to make another one some day... maybe even later this year, who knows!

Remember that alpaca firework-looking shawl from 2012?
When we last saw our heroine...
Finished, blocked, shipped (well, personally escorted), delivered!

Echo Flower Shawl [Rav] by Jenny Johnson Johnen; knit with 3/4 skein of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace in colorway LP10 Red Rover
This took fooooorever AND it triggered my allergy along the way AND there were beads beads beads for days AND it was totally worth it, because its recipient deserves it like crazy (she knits, so she knows).

Were there any more February finished knits?  What does March have in store?  Am I just stacking the deck with rhetorical questions?
All (well, some) will be revealed tomorrow.
Gonna go take care of a sick kid now, byeeeeeee

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