Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Love Every Day

I'd like to apologize again for up and disappearing at the end of 2013; it wasn't what I wanted BUT it was what I needed. I'm not one for resolving for the new year (because I basically have no willpower, HA!), but I feel the need for a fresh start and some jazz hands... so in this vein, I'm nebulously resolving to BE MORE POSITIVE and specifically resolving to find joy in small ways daily.

I've started something similar to the Memory Jar that's going around Pinterest, spinning it more into jotting myself a note -- "here's the silly thing I've found to enjoy today!" -- and plunking it into a jar to be reviewed and re-enjoyed at the end of the year.

There is also a daily knitting project associated with this brain shift...
Five minutes every morning, dedicated to knitting three short rows and finishing it into a teensy heart:
SweetieKNITHeart [Rav] by Jackie Loewen

There are a couple innerestin stitches here and there to solidify the shaping, but the pattern itself is really easy to execute and memorize.  The trick, of course, is blocking violently vigorously to turn a vaguely organ-shaped blob into a recognizable heart.

Looks better in the daylight, trust me.  I hope it'll be a good way to use up all the tiny scraps I can't bear to throw out as well as a good reminder to take a mental break every day, even for five minutes.

Feel free to leave any of your resolutions and/or wishes for the year in the comments -- we can do this! Bring it, 2014!

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bekswhoknits said...

wow.... i can't believe it's never occurred to me to block these.

I made a couple then lamented my knitting skills and then gave up.
It never clicked that if I blocked them they may look more like the pictures.

Thanks for the tip.