Sunday, April 3, 2011

My knitting time | 2KCBWDAY7

Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys? What items do you like to surround yourself with whilst you twirl your hook like a majorette’s baton or work those needles like a skilled set of samurai swords? Do you always have snacks to hand, or are you a strictly ‘no crumbs near my yarn!’ kind of knitter?

It is Day 7 of KniCroBlo Week and I cannot continue this post without noting the following:
  1. All thanks goes to the incomparable Eskimimi for organizing this fantastic intarwebz event!!  I have loved reading the blogs of so many talented crafters, many I would never have found otherwise.  I've even come out of my usual lurking-shyly mood and posted some comments along the way.  Good times were had by all!
  2. I have never posted seven days in a row (I've never posted three days in a row!).  Therefore, I am le tired* and will be taking at least two days break to, you know, actually knit something before I post again.

In the photo above, you see the view from my usual knitting perch, my computer chair in the office attached to the kitchen.  Eagle-eyed readers will notice, in no particular order:
  • television tuned to "What Not to Wear"
  • remote that doesn't work AND has no batteries
  • mentho-lyptus cough drop wrappers
  • colorful plastic links for making distract-the-baby chains
  • World of Warcraft game manual, age six, newly obsolete
  • emergency sewing kit that belongs in my purse
  • camera battery charger (camera in-hand)
  • pile of random papers that don't relate to each other
  • gigantic flat-screen monitor; Firefox! Ravelry!
  • plastic lattice baby cage for Ms. Punkin Q. Pie
  • vinyl devil horns and tail from Halloween
  • 36 skeins of embroidery floss, apropos of nothing
  • folded baby pajamas that no longer fit their owner 
  • San Diego Zoo baby panda mouse pad
  • piled up boxes, still unpacked from our move
  • alarm clock with a late PM hour
and, of course:
  • stitch markers, green and purple
  • crochet hook for fixing mistakes (ahem.)
  • cable charts for the Citron Cardigan
  • WIP: Starstuff Mitts (pics here and here)
  • US 6 dpns that haven't made their way upstairs to the organizational system
  • plastic straight ruler for ruling with an iron fist/plastic straightedge

* points to anyone who can correctly identify the origin of "le tired."


Anonymous said...

I like to watch Say yes to the Dress when knitting XD

Anonymous said...

What Not to Wear and World of Warcraft AND knitting? It's like looking in the mirror!!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Loved looking into your world; a clever piece of writing there.