Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back on the Unicorn (it's OK, we have an agreement)

Alright! So!  Picking myself up, dusting myself off, casting on anew...
love this color; it's called Wild Berry

This is Autumn as of last night, the fourth in a series of Seamless Baby Kimono sweaters (design by Jacki Kelly).  I call them my Four Seasons Kimonos, as they are all knit in seasonally appropriate colors (yarn is Lion Brand Superwash Merino for extra easy baby care).

Spring, in Spring Leaf, was knit during spring 2010 and belongs to Mademoiselle P. Q. Pie, now sadly outgrown:

Summer, in Dijon, was knit during summer 2010 for a surprise-type swap; its owner is camera-shy, but here's the color I used:

Winter, in Sky, was knit for big baby F in December 2010.

So I'm knitting Autumn in spring -- so what?  This is an emergency: baby shower on Wednesday!!  Can I finish in time?


Anonymous said...

I hate those kind of weeks. Hopefully this one will be better.

Anonymous said...

Good luck I am sure you will finish in time. Those colors are amazing. XD