Thursday, April 21, 2011


>> After picking up the second mitt of Starstuff again... I had to put it back down.  Complete with frogging.  Blerg.

>> I was listening to the radio on my drive home from work, and the DJ was extemporizing on the Capitals hockey game last night and how nail-biting and awesome their win was and how he "can't wait for them to take care of business on home ice" for the next game.

He said: Home ice.
I heard: Wollemeise.

They sound nothing alike.  But my brain made a sound switcheroo.

>> When I was flipping through People magazine's Most Beautiful 2011 issue, I was mesmerized by this cropped cabled sweater that J.Lo was wearing:

Also?  That woman had twins three years ago.  Dang.

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