Monday, February 14, 2011

I've been busy, however...

I have not been busy knitting.  There are some pictures of the newest project, so fear not.  I usually knit to take my daily stress down several notches, but lately our house full of sick people, so it's been slow-going.

Here's an introduction to the Starstuff fingerless mitts (Rav link)... pattern by Amy van de Laar, knitting by meeeeeee:
Jawoll Solid Superwash by Lang Yarns

Ms. van de Laar suggests, quite rightly, knitting these inside-out to keep the stranding loose enough; restricted circulation is no picnic.

Envy my floats

Oh, you say you want to see the right side of the work?  You drive a hard bargain, my friend.  Mais oui:
Starry starry mitt
I'm going to knit two extra colorwork repeats before starting the thumb increases at the request of the recipient.  Cross fingers the blocking will remove all traces of my anti-method madness!

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