Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FO: Diamonds for a Queen

My grandma is a fabulously stylish woman and I've never knit her anything -- until now!  Spring Shawl Trifecta: activate!

Girl's Best Friend [Rav link] by rosegil; knit with 1.5 skeins of 

My original intention was to use up the remaining gray Jawoll Solid Superwash left after those mitts and that other shawl (no FO page, I lose) were completed.  However, I realized that my grandma is 5'2" and doesn't necessarily need a "shawl" shawl.  No, that's not true... welcome to my post-bind-off rationalization.
blocking... blocking...

What actually happened was: I got BORED.  I love knitting lace shawls, but man oh man, this was a lot of yarnovers and there's no cool border and diamonds aren't leaves and no I'm DONE. 
Lesson learned: I need pointy border shawls to make me happy.  :)

What makes me happier than pointy border shawls?  The fact that Grandma wore this to Holy Saturday Mass.  <3

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