Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yeah, It's Been a Bit

...but I assure you, I have been busy.  After all, I did knit more than 2.5 shawls this month.  Soooo while the last in the Spring Shawl Trifecta is blocking, I'm using this evening to have a big ol' glass of red wine and take advantage of my new digital scale (not so new, but new enough that I haven't mentioned it on here.  I think).  It will be quite satisfying to have correct yardage totals logged into my Rav stash...  which is why I'm a librarian, I guess. Information!!

And just so I don't leave you photo-less:
This terrifying plastic creature was spotted on the lawn at my place of employment and I gotta say: it scared me terrif.  So many questions.  Why does the tail look not-plastic?  Is he about to pounce?  Is he pooping?  Is the poop also plastic?  Seriously, what is the purpose of this monstrosity?  Initial guesses include "to scare the geese away" and "to keep lunch breaks short."


Angel Thom said...

Maybe it's your nature, maybe it's the (multiple) White Russian...but you crack me up. Just sayin'.

Cyprienne said...

I raise a glass (of red wine) to your good judgment! XD

mezzanna said...

Seriously laughed outloud at your post. And I dug the questions you were asking...particularly about the plastic poop. Um..... that's all.

and here's to both of you: "Ozinta Torcon!!!!" *clink.

That happened to be the two words that I was supposed to type before proving that I'm no robot on your post...and I actually think it makes a really great toast! :)

mezzanna said...

Gemoge Ddiultur!!!

Sounds very Harry Potter-esque but I may just adopt these phrases to raise a glass!!!