Sunday, April 15, 2012

Knitwear at the Movies: 50/50

Am I a bad person if, when I saw the trailer for this movie, sitting in a darkened theatre, I thought to myself, Ooh, cancer, head-shaving scene... this is going to have a lot of hats?  (Answer: yes, yes I am.)

Three times for this movie: once just watching, once with commentary while knitting, and once for screenshots while knitting.  I really connected with the character of Adam (it doesn't hurt that he's played by super amazing awesome gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt), plus I felt progressively less evil with each viewing.

I was wrong about the hats...
Just two?  -sigh-  I guess it's a realism thing.
Hat #1: wide-band striped beanie; Hat #2: wide-ribbed watch cap.  Sooo simple!  Sooo free!
1) Turn A Square [Rav link] by Jared Flood
2) Lorne's Hat [Rav link] by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

The Blanket in Katherine's Office
Great big granny square!
he is so cute, I can't stand it
I wonder if Katherine is representing any particular school colors, or if some family member made this for her.  Fun fact: lots of knitting can be done by machine, but ALL crochet must be done by hand.  Truth.
Kinda Remindy patterns (all crocheted, all free!)
Big Granny Baby Blanket [Rav link] by Bernat Design Studio
Keyport Afghan [Rav link] by Lion Brand Yarn
Striped Rectangle Granny [Rav link] by April Moreland

Mitch's Wife's Cardigan
The shawl collar/buttonband looks to be in garter stitch, knit at the same time rather than picked up later.
Kinda Remindy
free!  108-13 jacket with textured pattern [Rav link] by DROPS design

Katherine's Nighttime Cardi
This shawl collar cardi (Anna Kendrick looks impossibly young) has some sort of waffle-y all-over pattern.
Kinda Remindy patterns
Tuzo [Rav link] by Cirilia Rose; in Berroco Booklet #293
free! + German  Tyrosin [Rav link] by Dagmar Lutz
free!  Michele O Cardigan [Rav link] by Vladimir Teriokhin 

Bonus: Knitting On Film
KOFing during chemo -- looks like a nice bulky blanket

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A Steady Pace said...

Thank you for reminding me that I need to watch this movie! I'm totally going to be paying attention to all the hats and knit work now, too.