Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pattern Roundup: Knitwear of Anne Shirley's PEI

Let's try to recreate the worlds of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, shall we?  Lotsa knits = lotsa patterns.

Screen Grab: Mrs Hammond's Shawl
Not so much a shawl pattern, as a stitch pattern...
free!  December 1: Chain Link Fence [Rav link] by Lindsey Melvin

Screen Grab: Lovely Lady's Lace Gloves
A search for a knit pattern proved futile, but there are some free crochet patterns that have the right mesh quality.
Crochet Lace Gloves [Rav link] by
Smart Crocheted Gloves [Rav link] by American Thread Company

Screen Grab: Mr Phillip's Cabled Cardigan
Shawl collars, profuse cabling, and decidedly masculine styling -- who knew Mr. P would be such a trend setter?  Jane Pearlmutter's pattern even has pockets!
Classic Oak Cardigan [Rav link] by Alexandra Dafoe; $7.00 CAD
free!  Aran cardigan [Rav link] by Jane Pearlmutter

Screen Grab: Anne's Bobble Cardigan
Glide [Rav link] by Kim Hargreaves; Rowan Cotton Tape Collection
free!  130-14 Jacket with bobbles and lace edges [Rav link] by DROPS

Screen Grab: Anne's Striped Cardi
Sophisticate [Rav link] by Lindsay Pekny; $6.00 USD
Rozmital [Rav link] by Cirilia Rose; in Berroco #315, Bohemian Mix
child  Lazy Daisy Fun [Rav link] by Patons; free regis for site

Screen Grab: Gil's Textured Vest
I found a great pattern, in Japanese, with standard charts... for those with a sense of adventure!
free!  Japanese Yuttari Vest [Rav link] by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

Screen Grab: Fancy Comforter
free!  Knitted Chevron Blanket [Rav link] by Danielle Albrecht
knit  Umaro [Rav link] by Jared Flood; $5.50 USD
cro  Textured Mesh Blanket [Rav link] by Lisa van Klaveren; $5 USD
knit  Twist Afghan [Rav link] by Cathy Westrich; $3.00 USD

Screen Grab: Matthew's Shawl-Collared Cardigan
Cable Cardigan [Rav link] by Erika Knight
Empathy [Rav link] by Sue Hanmore; £3.00 GBP
Melbourne [Rav link] by Elsebeth Lavold
Carlito Cardigan [Rav link] by Mathew Gnagy; $6.00 USD

Screen Grab: Matthew's Cardivest
free!  29-210-49 Sweater Vest [Rav link] by Pierrot (Gosyo Co.) 

Screen Grab: Gil's Cabled Vest
free!  28-29-45 Men's Cabled Vest [Rav link] by Pierrot (Gosyo Co.)
British School Slipover [Rav link] by Cheryl Oberle; in book Folk Vests

Screen Grab: Anne's Clambake Cardigan
Kinda Remindy Patterns
Drape Cardi [Rav] by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby; in Knit Magazine 32
Nidden [Rav] by Norah Gaughan; in booklet Norah Gaughan vol 8

Screen Grab: Anne's Teacher Sweater
Slip Stitch Jacket [Rav] by Teva Durham; in Loop-d-Loop vol 1

Screen Grab: Anne's Textured Waistcoat
free!  118-39 Short waistcoat [Rav link] by DROPS design
Curve [Rav] by Elsebeth Lavold; in Elsebeth Lavold Book 1

Screen Grab: Mrs Harris's Lap Blanket
There are soooo many of these, I'm only featuring two free patterns, each with a contrasting-color border between squares.
cro  Granny's Attic Afghan [Rav link] by Sharon Phillips
knit  Stained Glass Mitered Afghan [Rav link] by Joan L. Hamer 

Screen Grab: Emmeline's Brown Waistcoat
The closest pattern I could find is a pullover, but it is free and quite pretty -- so here it is anyway!
Honeycomb [Rav link] by Sarah Castor

Screen Grab: Rachel's Mourning Shawl
Belladonna Took [Rav link] by Melanie Gibbons; $6.00 USD
** bonus geek points: pattern named after Bilbo Baggins's mother!

Screen Grab: Katherine Brooke's Coat
free!  75-23 Long or short coat [Rav link] by DROPS design
Riding Coat [Rav link] by Debbie Bliss; $6.00 USD

Inspiration: the Lady of Shalott
Lady of Shalott Purse [Rav link] by Vanessa Ewing; $7.00 USD
Lady of Shalott [Rav link] by Jennifer Benson; $7.00 USD

Even More Inspiration
Marilla's Very Practical Shawl [Rav link] by Rachel Henry; $2.50 USD
free!  Anne Shirley [Rav link] by Sabine Riefler

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