Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Piecing Together a Winter

Winter usually hits like a Mack truck and lays me low for four solid months -- there's lots of cold, lots of dark, lots of bundling and hiding behind my knitting -- but this season has been sporadic.  First it's cold, then it's super unseasonably warm, then it snows... which happened today.  As if the weather wasn't enough to throw me off, my schedule is different every day; each Tuesday is the same as every other Tuesday BUT different from Monday, Wednesday, etc.  I'm sure other people would be more than fine with that, but I tend to thrive on monotony...  so every. single. day, I feel constantly overwhelmed, like I can't get my -ahem- stuff together.  Because I can't get into a groove.  Because I have mommyface.  Because flying by the seat of my pants is not a good look for me.

SO!  It's nice to have a little piece of stockinette in-the-round waiting for me at the end of the day:

To be precise: it's reverse stockinette in-the-round inside out, all part of designer Carina Spencer's brilliant plan for her free! Regina [Rav link] hat pattern. I can't wait to block this at the end and see the brim fan in its final glory!

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