Friday, February 17, 2012

Knitwear at the Movies: Waitress

SO GOOD.  I love this movie muchly.  Extremely well written and well acted -- the world lost an awesome talent with the loss of Adrienne Shelly.

This movie surprises me with questions I don't often ponder, like...
what would I do if Nathan Fillion was all-of-a-sudden my OBGYN?
I, for one, would make this face.
Anyway.  That's enough of that.

There's really only one sweater of which to speak, but what a sweater it is:
Look at those cables!  Look at 'em!

I found a possible name for this cable pattern -- Criss Cross Cable With Twists?  AND I found Unintentional Holiday [Rav link], designed by Kathleen Gill-Slee; it's only $6.00 USD for a gorgeous doppelganger.  In fact, I like Gill-Slee's design better -- she goes with only one crazy cable traveling down each sleeve, removing a lot of sweater bulk without losing sweater coziness.  Love.

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