Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I've been quietly knitting on my purply cardigan, last seen in January, and I wish I liked knitting it more than I do.  There's lots of ribbing and it's not boring...   it's just not a lace shawl.  Here's a pic of everything I've done...
And here's a pic of the first front panel...

...right before I ripped it all out.  Blerg.  The stitch count was off and there was lots of re-reading this one line and I needed the needles for something else.

Something else!

I'm embarking on a gift shawl trifecta, starting now!

Shawl 1, pictured above, is Lang Yarns Jawoll Solid Superwash in a cool diamond pattern; it will be for my grandma who doesn't have a computer or internet SO JUST NOBODY TELL HER KTHXBY!

Shawls 2 and 3 will be for special mystery ladies who probably don't read this blog, but I can't be too sure.  Yarn on its way...  I'll try to show glimpses as they progress.

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