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Knitwear at the Movies: Anne of Avonlea

Second verse, better than the first?  YES.  I watched the clam bake scene eight times...  just mentioning it makes me want to watch it again.  With director's commentary.
Marilla KOFing (Knitting on Film)

Fred's Simple Sweater Vest
Honestly, I'm only including this because Bruce McCulloch, the actor who plays Diana's fiance Fred Wright, was a member of the very awesome Kids in the Hall.
"Bruce, what's this with you and Jazz?"
Trivia Question: what other Kids in the Hall cast member makes an appearance in Anne of Avonlea?
Answer: Lewis Allen, the boastful teacher at the hospital benefit ball, is played by Dave Foley.

Gil's V-Neck Cabled Vest
This screenshot makes me swoon, even though I know in the back of my head that they're "fighting" in this scene.
I want the collared-shirt/skinny-tie/sweater-vest/newsboy-cap look to come back in a MAJOR WAY.
Extra bonus funny points: I found this Tumblr site -- genius! (language is NSFW)

Anne's Clambake Cardigan
Seriously, how do women accomplish a full-on Gibson 'do?  It staggers the imagination.
detail shot
The sleeves and back are this honeycomb pattern; the front panels feature a diagonal eyelet pattern not dissimilar to that of the cardigan I just knit (ok, fine, it was a couple months ago now... but it feels very recent.). 

Anne's Tan Teacher Sweater
Anne's new school is full of sweaters and hijinks and chance meetings with that old guy who has pretty intense mood swings.
First he's grumpy, then he's manically smiling.  Whatevs.
Seed stitch edging and lapels and slightly puffed sleeves balance the bland color for a perfectly serviceable sweater.

Anne's Sweater Vest
The middle part of AA should be called "let's hang out with rich people; it's so fun."
detail shot
It's suuuper difficult to see the texture on this (thanks, black), but I assure you that it's there.  Even better is the cool pattern on her shirt: very pretty.

Mrs. Harris's Granny Square Blanket
Just goes to show you, granny squares know no class.
I, for one, always use a lap blanket when wearing a full black taffeta dress.  That's how I roll.  Hey-yo!  (...I can't believe I just made a wheelchair joke.  Maybe it's time to stop drinking wine and go to sleep.)

Emmeline's Brown Vest
So many sweater vests, y'all.
The dipping neckline and the closures keep it unique and slightly more interesting than it could be (vest, brown, on the quiet girl). Also contributing to the interesting: teensy watch pin!  I want one!

Rachel's Mourning Shawl
Well.  It's a shawl and she's in mourning (RIP, Thomas).
Rachel Lynde really mellowed over the years.  I hope if I'm eventually alone, I'll have a friend who'll put up with me.

Katherine Brooke's Coat
Poor quality first image, I know, but there's nothing much to be done for it.
detail image via Sullivan Movies
It's plain and simple; most importantly, it shows that Katherine can relax... even if her body language suggests otherwise.

...wait, is that really going to be the last picture?  No.
image via the Official Anne of Green Gables Wiki

There.  That's better.  :)

p.s. for those who are wondering: no, I will not be covering Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story.  I know they got all the actors back BUT they totally changed the story from the books.  So no.

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Valerie Chapman said...

There is a knitted sweater that Dianna wears when she and Fred are taking Anne to the station on her way to teach at Kingsport. You can see it when she is talking with Rachel on the porch. I have never found a good shot of it. Got anything on that one?