Monday, January 16, 2012

Knitwear at the Movies: Anne of Green Gables

The books by Lucy Maud Montgomery were some of my favorites as a child.  I knew at a very young age that Megan Follows pronounces her name "Mee-gan."  Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe was my first crush on a boy, when I was like four or something.  It's on!!

Green hair?  What do you mean?  You've never looked lovelier.

Mrs. Hammond's Shawl
Not a lot of screen time for this first knit, though it plays a small-but-essential role on this small-but-essential character:
Looks comfy cozy, but the color's all wrong for her... though her husband did just die, so maybe her head's not in a fashionable place right now. 

Marilla's Shawl
I know Katharine Hepburn was approached to play this role, but I can't imagine anyone for Marilla except Colleen Dewhurst... who is from PEI, BTW, SROE.*
detail shot
Why are all the shawls I covet crocheted??!  This looks perfect for snagging your broach on an eyelet and forcing a false confession out of an unsuspecting innocent, if I do say so myself.

Random Lady's Mesh Lace Gloves
AKA social signal for "this is a party for genteel people, Anne with an E, be on your best behavior."
If I had those gloves, you wouldn't see me soiling them with cake crumbs.  Have you never heard of a fork?

Gilbert's Sweater Vest
Not enough Gilbert yet, you say?
You're welcome.

Mr. Phillips's Cardigan
The hair is a no, but the sweater's a yes.
detail shot
At first glance, I was a bit bored -- possibly a combination of the oatmeal color and the oatmeal personality of Mr. Phillips (the character; I'm sure Paul Brown is a very interesting man).  Closer inspection reveals a charming collection of cables; Mr. Rogers would be proud to own this sweater.

Anne's Go-To Blue Cardigan
It's that perfect garment, the one that goes with your hair and makes your eyes pop...
...equally appropriate for the schoolroom and for those disgusting kitchen discoveries (you know of what I speak, dedicated readers).

Marilla's Gray Cardigan
Speaking of go-to sweaters...
The color goes with everything in Marilla's closet, the lace front panels add visual interest without being too showy, and the slight puff in the sleeves makes me a little envious.  I wish I could rock this look, but my winter coat sleeves are too narrow; that's it: time to buy a cape!

Anne's Colorwork Cardigan
Lots of monochromatic knits here, but Ms. Shirley is knows the best way to spruce up a plain white blouse is with some colorful stripes.
I don't know that I so much like it with the patterned blouse in the first picture; however, I'm sure that's more of an of-the-time-period thing than a personal style statement.

Gilbert's Dashing Sweater Vest
Time for more Gilbert, methinks.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Gilbert may have gained a shawl collar, buttons and texture on the vest, a dapper tie, and a haughty expression...  but he can't lose that curly mop and the need to stare at Anne while taking exams.    -sigh-

Jo Barry's Knit Comforter
Ooooh, fancy.
The stitch pattern itself isn't fancy, but all that time, knitting a comforter for that gigantic bed?  Phew.

Matthew's Shawl Collar Cardi
Or not.  Referring to Matthew's manly, textured sweater as a "cardi" just sounds ridiculous.
Then again, that mustache is a little flirty.  (Sorry, MC, I'm only teasing.)

Matthew's Jaunty Cardivest
And the hat!  YAY!  M. Cuth is styling without even trying.
Subtle cables are perfect for a spring day and the pockets make sense for a man of Matthew's practicality.

Watch this space for Anne of Green Gables 2: Electric Boogaloo!

* that's "Significantly Raising One Eyebrow."  That's the newest thing the kids are saying.  I know it's true because I just made it up.  And they speak in abbrev, obvi.

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Madeline Korn said...

Recently re-watched AGG and became obsessed with the idea of recreating Marilla's shawl. Do you have any idea where I can find that pattern?