Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FO: NaKniSweMo Cardigan

It's Oblique by Veronik Avery.  I call it "The Me Mine Selfish Cardigan" because it's been two full years since I've made something for myself.  There are no buttons yet and the photo is horrible, but I needed proof.  Proof!
And it fits!

The T-shirt is a high-fives shout-out to my fabled attempt at NaNoWriMo in 2005.  My brother attempted it this year... well, sir, didya do it?

Previously on "Skeins of Our Lives," there was that quarter-sized ball of worsted weight wool/alpaca blend, Berroco Ultra Alpaca in colorway 6207 Salt & Pepper, severely downsized from the original five skeins.

Yeah, that yarn.
That yarn was not nearly enough to complete the collar AND the cardigan itself.  So how did I do it, you ask?  It's simple.  I am the greatest knitter that ever lived,  nothing less than an absolute genius, prone to feats of miraculous ingenuity and fits of hyperbole.

You see this yarn?
This yarn is a full skein of fingering weight wool/alpaca blend Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in colorway 1207 Salt & Pepper, also known as my first-and-last sock leftovers (totally haven't done a FO post for those yet.  It'll happen).  And if you double this yarn, with the wave of my wand needles, it becomes a near-perfect match to that yarn.
And now you may applaud.

Final counts...
Cast On: 11/1/2011  10pm
Bind Off: 11/30/2011 10pm
Total Yardage: 1075+ yards
Total Stitch Count: 45,276

Wait, not 50,000?

NoNot 50,000.  I lose.

And yet, somehow, I still win.   :)

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