Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pattern Round-up: Despicable Me

Last night I watched Despicable Me while casting on a new project and waiting for the sleeves of the cardigan to block.  It occurred to me that there is a lot of "knitwear" in this animated movie... plus the minions would make some supercute toys.  On to the round-up!

Edith's Stocking Cap
Edith isn't so very excited about dance class.  Edith thinks sleeping in an old bomb is cool.  Edith never takes her hat off.
image via IMDB
This combination of slouchy stocking cap and earflap hat makes for a very distinctive fashion statement.
free!  Guinny's Despicable Hat [Rav link] by Sjoella Phipps 
free!  Despicable Edith Hat [Rav link] by Christie Allen 

Gru's Evil Scarf
You can tell there's mischief afoot when the scarf appears.
image by via IMDB
Simply striped, this should be an easy knit for someone with patience.
Despicable scarf [Rav link] by Brigitte Pini; $2.00 USD

Minions to Do Your Bidding
Remember what I said about making minion toys?  Here you go!
image via IMDB
free! crochet  Despicable Minion [Rav link] by Linda Potts 
free! knit  Your Own Personal Minion [Rav link] by Kat Lewinski
free! crochet  Despicable Me Minion [Rav link] by snacksies snacksies
free! crochet  Minion [Rav link] by Lupita Suarez
knit  Despicable Minions [Rav link] by Hennie Nimbleneedles; £1.00 GBP

Minions on Your Noggin
Or you could indulge your desire to become a minion, if you don't mind being frozen or shrinking or floating into space.
image by via IMDB
free! knit  Minion Hat [Rav link] by Maura Houston
free! crochet  Minion Hat - crochet [Rav link] by Tara Hawkins
free! knit with some crochet  Despicable Me: Minion Hat [Rav link] by Katie LeComte

BONUS: free! chart of Gru in profile...  Gru Chart [Rav link] by Tami Hunt

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It occurred to me that there is a lot of "knitwear" in this animated movie...