Sunday, November 13, 2011

FO: Snappy Flappy Cap

It's getting colder -- let's make a hat!

It's Cozy [Rav link] by Alison Williams, done with a little more than a quarter skein of Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in 9860 Jelly Bean.  This photo was taken during blocking; why the crochet hook, you ask?  There is a single crochet edging on that bad boy.  What?  Who?  Yes.  I did it, with the only crochet hook I own, thanks to this YouTube vid from Berroco!

Also pictured: awesome board book versions of Romeo & Juliet and Pride & Prejudice-- thanks, Sarah!
The hat is a little bit small, which I chalk up to my own hubris.  There are six sizing options (Preemie/Baby/Toddler/Child/Woman/Man) with Toddler at 16" head circumference and Child at 18".  The small girl child is approximately a year and a half and her head size is considered small for her age; I used my new Knit Kit to measure her head at 17".  Hmmm.  She is definitely a "toddler," not a "child" -- but 16" inches would be too small.

Where is my trust: words or numbers?  I chose words... I chose unwisely.  But it'll be a nice gift for somebody else's small girl child somewhere along the line.

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Jill Factotum said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! <3