Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaKniSweMo Week 4

The home stretch!  And I have this much yarn going into the collar...
George does not approve.

Oooooops.  There may be magic involved.  Stay tuned, citizens.

Right Front
Two of 'em!
Cast On: 9:30pm 11/20/2011
Bind Off: 11pm 11/22/2011
Stitch Count: approx 6195 stitches
Yardage: approx 169 yards

Left Buttonband
Picked Up: 8:30pm 11/24/2011
Bind Off: 9:45pm 11/24/2011
Stitch Count: approx 649 stitches

Right Buttonband
Picked Up: 10:15pm 11/24/2011
Bind Off: 11:30pm 11/24/2011
Stitch Count: approx 649 stitches

Here's everything pre-collar, with the raglan shoulders seamed:


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