Sunday, December 4, 2011

Knitwear at the Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is such a good movie, but I can't watch it without getting all wistful and weird about bittersweet strange memories... which, you know, may be part of the director's intent.  If you want to know what happens after the "movie" is over, meet me at the end.Anyway, New York in winter = knits, yo!

Joel's Watch Cap
Joel lives in this hat.
Seriously, he wears it a lot.  It's just a simple rib, nothing special.
free! + Hebrew  Ribbed Watchman's Hat [Rav link] by Channah Koppel
free!  Modern Rib Hat [Rav link] by Susan B. Anderson
free!  Classic World War II Watch Cap [Rav link] by Helen Waittes

Clementine's Mitts
Can you think of a better place to get your drink on than an isolated train ride in winter?
The mitts almost seem too pedestrian to grace her hipster hands, what with the powder blue and the predictable striping.  They look super comfy, though; I ain't hatin, Clem.
free!  Two Blue Ruins [Rav link] by Raven Sherbo
free!  Long Striped Hand Warmers [Rav link] by Purl Soho

Carrie's Aran Cardicoat
Now this I want to make.
It's got everything: bobbles, lumpy cables, moss stitch, ribbed collar, button band, waist tie.  PLUS, Carrie (Jane Adams) and Rob (David Cross) crack me up.  Which has nothing to do with the sweater, I know, but I had to say that.
Kinda Remindy patterns
free!  #05 Coat [Rav link] by Lana Grossa
free!  Josephine [Rav link] by Melissa Dominguez
Fireside Sweater [Rav link] by Amber Allison; $5.00 USD
Blackberry Cabled Cardigan [Rav link] by A.C. Dafoe; $7.00 CAD
free!  Shawl-Collar Jacket [Rav link] by Patons; site needs free regis.
for kids  Manti [Rav link] by Eveli Kaur; $6.00 USD

Clementine would make a ... good mother
Or so she says.  I just like her scarf.
And the sweater's cool, too.  But I really like the textured scarf; 2x2 broken rib, I think? Maybe even crocheted?
Free! Kinda Remindy patterns
knit  Easy Mistake Stitch [Rav link] by Purl Soho
knit  Brisbane Scarf #90619C [Rav link] by Lion Brand
knit  3x3 Slip Stitch Scarf [Rav link] by Barbara Kobayashi
crochet  Tunisian Ribbed Scarf [Rav link] by Anne Gee White

Chinese Restaurant Scarf
Also, she can kill you with her mind.  Wrong movie, yes, but that's what this picture says to me.
There's a little bit of color and a lot of texture in this; there's a woven herringbone look in a heavyweight yarn that adds interest to the rest of her plain black outfit.
Kinda Remindy patterns
free!  Super-Fast, Ultra-Cozy Scarf [Rav link] by Jen Reilly
Embraceable Cowl/Scarf [Rav link] by Brenda Lavell; $5.50 USD

Another Clementine Scarf
Purty!  Even though it's curling like whoa.
Nitpicking: I wish it was another color.  Olive is beautiful, but it doesn't do justice to that eyelet pattern.
Kinda Remindy patterns
Pieceful Creations Lace Stole - Sampler & Scrap Friendly Shawl [Rav link] by Tina Edgar; $5.00 USD
free!  Lace Scarf [Rav link] by Cathy Davies

Clem's Snow Tam
This is just lovely; I wish I could wear it with short hair, but I don't think it would look right.
The top is seed stitch (UK: moss or rice stitch) and the band is moss stitch (UK: double moss stitch).  Are you confused yet?  I was. Thank you, internet, for your help.
free!  Moss Stitch Beret [Rav link] by Kent Turman

Patrick's Beanie
This is on Patrick's (Elijah Wood) head.  I promise.
I find this hat (simple, yet stylish) to be the only redeeming thing about the character Patrick.  He's cute in an earnest, hobbity way, but think about it: the tech who performed the memory erasure is now dating the oblivious client while copying her ex's moves to the letter.  Creepy x wrong.
Kinda Remindy patterns
free!  A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend [Rav link] by Stephanie Nicole (irony)
free!  the Reversible biking hat [Rav link] by indigorchid design

Clem's Crocheted Cloche
At the very least, it's cloche-adjacent.
This is the kind of hat that makes me look bald.   But it looks good on her and fits well with the character, so...  yeah, I don't like it.  Oh well.
Kinda Remindy patterns
NOTE: these patterns all require modifications to make the flower as big as your head
Tara Flapper Cloche [Rav link] by Diane McGettigan; $5.00 USD
free!  Rachael's Hat [Rav link] by Jayna Grassel
free!  Floral Cloche [Rav link] by Julie Bueno
free!  Cloche Rouge [Rav link] by Melody Maria Fulone

Rob's Pointy Gnome Hat
First hobbits, now gnomes (please see David, the).
Doesn't he remind you of young Santa or something?
Kinda Remindy pattern
The Gnome Dome [Rav link] by Diane Serviss; $5.00 USD

* Six months after "and they lived happily ever after," Joel and Clementine realize relationships shouldn't be this hard and they part ways.  There are a couple months of fraught phone calls that peter out into nothing.  And that's it.  Joel marries a really nice woman who likes horror movies and loves his dogs.  Clementine marries a really nice guy who likes the Bee Gees and loves her family.  I know that's not what you want to happen, but trust me on this.


Megan said...

I saw this movie in the theater and love the 'trick' the plot plays on you. I now love it even more because of all the knit wear you have pointed out to me. This was a wonderful idea for a blog post, and you did an AWESOME job of finding similar knits....LOVE IT! Thanks!

Cailin said...

I am in love with this post! I've seen this movie more than a few times, and only realize now just how much knit wear is featured in it. Great stuff.

wsjuanita said...

Orange sweater and she has a cowl?

wsjuanita said...

The winter tam is crochet, I was looking for the patterns, thank you. Also did you see when she is at the beach with the bright orange hoodie and cowl?