Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaKniSweMo Week 3

Wool makes my eyes burn.

Left Front
Cast On: 10:30pm 11/14/2011
Bind Off: 11:15pm 11/16/2011
Stitch Count: approx 6195 stitches
Yardage: approx 169 yards

I'm a good 80% done with the right front -- not complete yet -- but there is a large source of worry on the horizon.  I'm also 80% sure I do NOT have enough yarn for this project.  I'm knitting the smallest size and, given the width of the button band in the sample picture, I'm heading for disaster.  The pattern calls for 13 balls of Adrienne Vittadini Natasha at 72yd per 40g ball.  Let's do some Cyp math:

13 balls of Adrienne Vittadini Natasha x 72 yards = 936 total yards
936 yards / 215 yards per skein of my yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca = 4.35 skeins

So I have five skeins, 1075 yards, bought in 2007 and depleting super quickly in 2011.  Sad face.

And if you ask me about my gauge square, you will get no answer, because I didn't knit one.  Now kindly wipe that smug look off your face because I'm walking away.

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