Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pattern Roundup: Coraline

I've been meaning to watch Coraline for ages.  Not only do I love anything and everything by Neil Gaiman, but I've been such a fan of Althea Crome, the production's knitwear guru.
I saw this video detailing her creation of the signature star sweater and almost stabbed myself mid-purl:
So intricate, so tiny, so precise.  Soooo amazing.
Let's see them, shall we?

Coraline's Real Mom's Pullover
I feel like this most days.
I don't know if Ms. Crome knit this (the video credits her with the star sweater and coveted gloves), but sweaters are knitwear, so it counts.  And this shot was too good to pass up.
Classic Raglan Pullover (Ladies) [Rav link] by Jane Richmond; $5.50 CAD human adult
Lightweight Pullover [Rav link] by Hannah Fettig; $4.95 USD human adult

Coraline's Star Sweater
Yes.  Just yes.
How did she do this?! I mean, I understand it in theory, I've seen it in practice... but I'm still boggled.  As an added bonus, the Coraline movie website offers a much-larger pattern.
free! Coraline Star Sweater [Rav link] by Jenn Jarvis human child

Coraline's Striped Gloves
Just.  Just wow.  WOW.
free! Coraline Gloves [Rav link] by Tika Belle human adult

Inspiration: Coraline Mittens
Designer brella has given us this free pattern [Rav link] for knit mittens that feature The Cat, a jumping mouse, and a button-ended key.

Inspiration: Amigurumi Dolls
Claymation lends itself especially well to doll duplication, as you'll find with these knitted and crocheted toys.
- Allison Hoffman offers this crocheted Coraline Doll Amigurumi pattern [Rav link] for $5.99 USD; it includes customization instructions to make a mini Cyprienne, for example.
- This Little Me Doll [Rav link] designed by Kimberly Kwon is Coraline-inspired; you can buy this knitting pattern for $5.00 USD.
- Sharon at Homemade Obsessions seems to be obsessed with Coraline, if her free crochet patterns for amigurumi dolls of Coraline, Wybie, The Cat, and a ghost child are any indication (Rav links for all her patterns here).

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