Monday, December 19, 2011

Pattern Round-up: Christmas Knitwear at the Movies

I celebrate Christmas, so this is what you get.  :)

Confession: I didn't actually watch this; I fast-forwarded with the volume muted.  In my defense, I have a lot of movies to get through before Christmas arrives. The stocking cap worn by Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) is pretty spiffy, so it was worth my time.  Weird to see her as a blonde, though:
free!  Jovie Hat (from the movie Elf) [Rav link] by Megan Ortmann

Scrooge/A Christmas Carol
There are so many movie versions of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol; my all-time favorite is Scrooge (1970) starring 35-year-old Albert Finney.  The man is amazing.
image via IMDB
free! knit  Scrooge/Kratchit Nightcap [Rav link] by Glenna C.
free! knit  Cratchit Garter Mitts [Rav link] by Susan Newhall
free! crochet  Ebenezer Scrooge Ami [Rav link] by Melanie Blake

A Christmas Story
I don't know what I'll do if TBS discontinues their 24-hour Christmas Day marathon of A Christmas Story.  Before you ask: no, I wasn't able to find a full bunny suit pattern. But I did find this hat, worn by bully Schwartz (R.D. Robb):
image via A Christmas Story House
That's cold.
free!  Schwartz' Stocking Cap [Rav link] by LaDonna Bubak

The Preacher's Wife
I enjoy this 1996 movie, a Whitney Houston-powered remake of 1947's The Bishop's Wife.
Either way, the view is nice.
Gospel music, Denzel Washington, and a lot of knitwear? Sold!  I'm just going to post pictures with any applicable patterns and zero description, because this post is getting out of control, yo.

Easy Childs Hat [Rav link] by Amy Loberg (FiberWild!); $5.00 USD

free! knit  Vintage Allure Beret [Rav link] by Romy Kremers
free! crochet  Crochet Beret [Rav link] by Teresa Richardson
free! crochet  Tivoli Beret [Rav link] by Lion Brand Yarn
free!  Ribbed Hat and Scarf [Rav link] by Coats & Clark

It's a Wonderful Life
It's not Christmas until I watch this every year.

In the Battle of Mary v. Violet, Mary is the clear winner.  But Vi brings it in the cardigan category.  I want one in every color.
free! Vignette [Rav link] by Amy Herzog
free! Perfect Paula [Rav link] by Jennifer Little

It's hard to see in this photo, but George's scarf is a very subtle herringbone pattern.
free!  Herringbone Scarf [Rav link] by Dori Betjemann
Reversible Herringbone Scarf [Rav link] by Bruce Weinstein; $5.00

Standard garter stitch scarf.  I just love the looks on his face in this scene.

Mary's airy scarf is the perfect way to keep snow off your hair while saving your family.
free!  Wisp [Rav link] by Cheryl Niamath
free! + Italian  100 grammi [Rav link] by Cristiana

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween movie? Christmas movie?  This is a serious question, as I've never seen it.  (and now my brothers and 75% of my friends are exclaiming with shock and disbelief.)  OK, fine.  Wait a sec.
...alright, I'm back and have watched the movie in its entirety!  Stuff!

Hats -- all listed are free
knit  Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Hat Pattern [Rav link] by Kody May Kline
knit  Jackyll & Hide [Rav link] by Saskia de Feijter
crochet  Jack Skellington baby hat [Rav link] by Sara Merrill

Softies (AKA knit dolls/toys) -- all listed are free
Jack, Sally (seen as "Patch Doll" below), and Zero the dog are all very popular.
knit  Jack Skellington [Rav link] by Sunshyne Leland
crochet  Jack Skellington Crochet Pattern [Rav link] by April Draven
crochet  Patch Doll Amigurumi Pattern [Rav link] by Irene Strange
crochet  Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas [Rav link] by Mishymishy
crochet  Zero the Ghostly Dog [Rav link] by Meg-Ann Skilton
knit  Zero the ghost dog [Rav link] by Raynor Gellatly

Randomness -- all listed are free
Knitting On Film sighting! 
crochet  Jack Skellington Ball [Rav link] by Catrina Usher
knit + French  Jack Skellington Coffee Cozy [Rav link] by literaryladybug

Skellington-Adjacent Wristwarmers
So you can make this pose.
Burtonesque [Rav link] by Jacquelyn Landry; $5.00 USD
free!  Jack Skellington Inspired Wristwarmers [Rav link] by Nichole Verville

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