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Pattern Roundup: Holiday Animated Shorts

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
image via Cultural Construct
OMG baby slippers! OMG Bumble feet!  Best yet: these awesome crocheted Abominable Baby Slippers [Rav link], designed by Melissa Mall, are free!

image via IMDB
PLUS a couple versions of "the most famous reindeer of all" for your crafting pleasure:
crochet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [Rav link] by Stephanie Garcia; $5.00 USD
crochet Jointed and Posable Reindeer Plush Toy [Rav link] by Tiffanie Aylesworth; $10.00 USD
knit and crochet  Christmas Rudolph reindeer with saddlebag by Loly Fuertes; $4.50 USD

Honorable Mention: The Year Without a Santa Claus
Never seen it.  Does that make me a bad person?  It just seems so cheesy.  Anyway, Erin Scull has some pretty great crochet patterns of the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser for $3.00 USD apiece.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Electro-who-cardio-flux, y'all!

But let's get to the patterns, shall we? The Grinch's shoes? Really? Yes.
The pattern rocks, BUT the French version is only available in the book, Les accessoires tricot Biscotte & Cie, for $22.00 CAN.
+ French  Le Grincheux - The Grinch [Rav link] by Louise Robert; $5.00 USD

The hands of the Grinch are furry and pointy -- super expressive and dramatic, perfect for a grumpy old queen beloved cartoon character.
free!  Grinch Gloves [Rav link] by Susan B. Anderson
free!  Witchy Hands [Rav link] by Lion Brand Yarn

If you feel like recreating the Grinch himself:
free! knit  Grinch Chart [Rav link] by Amy Nero
crochet  The Grinch Amigurumi [Rav link] by Rachel Bateman; $4.00

Then there's the matter of the Grinch's heart, what with the growing and all:
The free crocheted Amigurumi heart [Rav link] designed by Sandra Åhlberg (also available in Swedish) is sufficiently pointy.
If you'd rather make hearts in three sizes:
free! knit  Little Stuffed Hearts [Rav link] by Julie Edwards
free! crochet  Corazoncitos amigurumi hearts pattern [Rav link] by Mia Zamora Johnson

I realized for the first time that the Grinch's mane-like fur collar is far from unique:
Can I be her when I grow up?  She's fabulous!
free!  Like a Lamb Scarflette [Rav link] by CJ Mello

Yep, the Whos down in Whoville know how to put an outfit together:
Grinch Hand Knitted Jacket [Rav link] by Alla Koval; $9.95 USD
Grinchy Grinch Hat [Rav link] by Jeanne Giles; $3.00 USD

My favorite part of this half hour: it features my daughter.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Hello, I'm Lucy Van Pelt.  It's nice to meet you.

image ©
If you feel like making the whole gang, Cecelia at Siempre Josefina offers a whole mess of amigurumi patterns via Ravelry and Etsy. Or you can make Snoopy for free.  Free, in price and in personality:
image ©
crochet  Snoopy [Rav link] by Nanthapohn Jiranuwatana

The iconic tree wins all the prizes.
image ©
Good Grief! [Rav link] by Morgen Dämmerung; $5.00 USD

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