Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Spinning My Wheels

So the Big Orange Beaded Beast: let's talk about it.

Here it sits, in excellent lighting, fibbing about its potential.  It's looked like this for a couple of weeks now, as I cannot bring myself to pick it back up.  There are so many other things to knit!  Things that don't have several beading rows looming large in my future!

This sort of project ennui doesn't usually hit me, especially with shawls.  Even with fake imaginary awesome points-based deadline-knitting goals set in stone, I just can't stay engaged with it.  The actual knitting on the object is fine (thanks to modern technology dust masks), it's what comes before that: the decision that, yes, I will pick this up and knit for at least three hours.  Because that's what it takes to make a dent in this thing.  It's not you, Orange Beast, it's me.  Confession: all last month, I actively mehhed in its general direction while gallivanting off with younger, sexier knits.

If you have had a similar experience with a project, please talk about it in the comments so I don't feel so much like an insensitive crafting philanderer.  There's rationalization in numbers.  :)

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