Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FO: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

First shawl for 2014!

Light and Up [Rav] by Caroline Wiens; knit with a skein of Alina Shea Creations Frost Moon in colorway Glacier's Dreams

I won the yarn as a prize for my Dru Flies shawl!  It was hand dyed by a fellow member of the HPKCHC (so cool!); the yarn is also highly variegated and sparkly, so it took a good 6 months to figure out what to do with it.  A mainly-stockinette shawl with eyelets seems to be my go-to for a yarn with high-contrast variegation.

The design is supposed to have three tassels, BUT I'm not sure if I'll keep this shawl or make it a present AND I doubt my tassel-making ability right at this second, so I still have a bit of yarn for just-in-case... you know, if the universe demands tassels.

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