Monday, March 17, 2014

Just a Quarter Green

It's hard to tell from the name Cyprienne, but I'm one-quarter Irish and have an extremely proud Irish-American grandmother...

bad lighting -- it's late tonight I'm knitting on a mostly-kelly green shawl and watching Waking Ned Devine.  No beer, though.  It's Monday.  Red wine, obvi.

I must also take this opportunity to admit defeat -- finally and without regret -- with regard to the Big Orange Beaded Beast.  Because life's too short, y'all:

Giant Alpaca Monster at 41.13%

It is out of my house! It has moved to a better home! It will no longer lurk at me! My friend is doing me such a favor!  If I use exclamation points, I'll seem happy about it.

No but seriously, I'm going to knit this pattern again.  But with superwash.  Because it's the bomb.

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