Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012: The Year in Shawls

It was a valiant attempt that fell short... as in, there were three full months out of the year I didn't do any shawling.  Oops.

Shawl Project Pattern [Ravelry links]
1 Sensational Carnation EZ 100th Anniversary Hearts Half-Circle [Rav]
2 Diamonds for a Queen Girl's Best Friend [Rav]
3 Seanmháthair Ashton Shawlette [Rav]
4 Shawlette of Destiny Holden Shawlette [Rav]
5 FanFare Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl [Rav]
6 Mariquita Annis [Rav]
7 My Prerogative Eiku [Rav]
8 Gryphon in Repose Ethereal [Rav]
9 Lannis Port Bananaboat [Rav]
10 Leaf Shawls are Cool The Lonely Tree Shawl [Rav]
11 Autumn Fireworks Shawl Echo Flower Shawl [Rav]
12 Classy Engorgio Crescent Crescent [Rav]

I will not be beaten!  I will not be cast down!
I WILL be attempting twelve shawls in 2013!
With a plan this time!  And zero months off!

First on the docket is a bright blue aran-weight crescent shawlette; I'm trying to decide if I like knitting crescent shawls or not, as they may be easier to wear.  Hey, we'll find out!
See, I've already picked out the yarn and everything.  This is totally going to happen.


gings said...

a valiant effort, nonetheless! srsly, ten shawls in a year is totally impressive.

best of luck in 2013!

Anonymous said...

I love all those shawls! I can't wait to see the progress this year!