Monday, June 25, 2012

Hashtag Winning

Again with the radio silence!  This may make me a bad person.  It definitely makes me a bad blogger.  I got all distracted with the best visit ever from my parents and evenings filled with blanket squares...  but no matter, I'm back (for now)!

Remember this year's Knit and Crochet Blog Week?  (If not, I'll wait while you peruse these entries written by me.)  OK, so: that Friday, we were supposed to write about Something a Bit Different (all prompts here; my entry here!) and fellow blogger Stitched Together had such an awesome idea: knit a stripy shawl with color order chosen by the commentariat!  She used her very own free! design, the More Than A Triangle Shawl [Rav link], in a bunch of beautiful colorways of Shetland wool [Rav project page].
Bonus: a random commenter wins the fabulous finished fanciness.

So guess who won?...
me me me me me me!!!  So excited.  :)  Every single color coordinates with the totality of my wardrobe and I'm just pleased as punch.  The triangle construction makes it easy to wrap-and-go, and this garter stitch is so squishy and nice!  All the glory goes to Stitched Together for her superlative skill in both knitting and designing.

There are much better pictures of the process and finished shawl on Stitched Together's blog, so head over there to fully appreciate the AWESOMENESS that is this gorgeous wrap!
Finished measurements: 102in/259cm (8.5ft) wide; 26in/67cm deep
Thank you thank you thank you again to Stitched Together!
I am a gigantic dork and also possibly a vampyre.


Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! That is a HUGE shawl! But so, so beautiful. You are definitely a lucky girl to win such loveliness! Great to hear from you!

gings said...

holy crap, that shawl is of epic proportions.

to heck with vampyres--go for vigilante justice!

Cyprienne said...

GASP, DUDE, you're right, I'm totally Batman!

Stitched Together said...

I'm so glad you like it. I wear mine tied at the back after crossing over at the front, it makes it almost like a cardigan. It's useful if you are working on something and don't want to worry about trailing ends.