Sunday, March 4, 2012

Entering Uncharted Territory

A couple of days ago, I took this picture of the gray shawl in progress:
At the time, I was all triumphant about finishing Chart 2 (as in two times I ripped it out).

Then this happened last night, fueled by the end of Daniel Deronda and the beginning of The Forsyte Saga:
It's a totally different picture, I promise.  Chart 3 is done!  The pattern says I am now finished with the smaller size and that I should bind off forthwith.

BUT.  Look at all that yarn I still have.  I would like to use it up and make a non-wimpy approaching-shawl-sized shawl, rather than the shawlette to which I was supposedly limited.  It's a 400 yd vs 800 yd split, making it impossible to follow the full shawl pattern.

SO: Imma make some stuff up.  I hope it won't look too awful.

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