Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Sock, It Grows

Hey, remember before, when I found a long-lost UFO and was all excited about it, but then I got distracted by Harry Potter and a bunch of other movies with knitwear, and I kept knitting on that first sock but didn't blog about it because it was sooo boooorrrring?

Well.  Now there's this:
I turned a heel.  Yes, thank you, you're too kind
This horrible picture was taken literally five minutes ago.

I had been carrying it around with me and whipping it out (in a totally non-suggestive fashion) to complete a couple rows here and there, especially before meetings, but...  today I dug it out of my purse only to discover four stitches dropped from the end of one needle and IT PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!!  Sorry about the excessive punctuation, but US 1 needles are a chore to use and I hate socks in general and I promise you I'm swallowing this rage ball right now.  It's fixed.  Deep cleansing breaths.  Woosah.

So, as of right now, the sock has been demoted (promoted? whatever.) from travel knitting to sitting-in-the-usual-spot knitting, if only because it's safer and less stress-inducing to have the goldarn ladder-pickin crochet hook nearby at all times. I can't believe I have to make another one. WHY MUST HUMANS BE BIPEDAL???

Aaaaand now I'm going to bed.  Because when something as insignificant as a sock makes you apoplectic, it's long past time to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Your sock looks great! It is wicked to have to pick up dropped stitches when they are so tiny. You will love the socks when you have the pair (and sadly yes, you must knit 2) done.