Wednesday, June 22, 2011


From Dec 2009 to Mar 2010, I made a bunch of Christmas presents for my parents and brothers.  Look at those dates again.  Yes, that's right.  And in mid-March we went Midwest-way to see them and deliver said knits, and everything was great...


I didn't start my dad's socks until we were sitting in the airport on the way there.  These were to be my first socks and my dad is a very particular individual and... well, I procrastinated.  Obviously.  Badly.  Ineffectively.

I did not finish them before our arrival.
I did not finish them before our departure.
I did not finish them before arriving home -- via a week in California.
I did not finish them.  And then I lost them.  Or it, rather: one lonely unfinished sock.

What what whaaatt??!

Yes, it could!  (Something's coming, something good.)

FINALLY.  It's the Mr. Pitt's Socks (aka Dad Socks) [Rav link] designed by Kaitlyn Wong!  The name is a Seinfeld reference to Elaine's picky boss who needed the perfect socks.  Since my dad is so very choosy, I figured this pattern + Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in a classy shade (Salt & Pepper) might not be completely rejected -- croisons les doigts!

I'm so glad I printed the pattern out and kept it in the project bag because the pattern link on Ravelry is broken now! I guess she doesn't support it anymore?  Very weird.  It was free, and I've got it, if folks want it.

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