Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knitwear at the Movies: The King's Speech

The King's Speech!  So good so good so good so good!!  Also: Colin Firth!!!  (p.s. Jennifer Ehle, too!*)

So guess who wears knits in this movie.  It's not really a question, not even a rhetorical one.  The answer is: not royalty (one notable exception; you'll see).  And so I present to you: the Logue Family...

Myrtle Logue's Cardigan
Skeptical Myrtle questions your motives.
A simple cream wide-rib cardigan is elevated by the crossed collar detail.  Buttons FTW.

Valentine Logue's Scarf
Simple, but serves the dual purpose of conveying the character's bookishness and keeping him warm.
NOTE: he is wearing his dad's sweater here (see below) -- high fives to the costume designer for these details.

Lionel Logue's Cardigan
One must wear a mustardy waffle cardigan to lend gravity to any situation...  reading is good!  Also: that wallpaper's gotta go.

Lionel Logue's Vest
Cables with deep side ruts and columns of stockinette and garter stitch blocks -- pretty darn classy.

Anthony Logue's Fair Isle Vest
He is his mother's son.
The color combinations remind me of a Navajo blanket almost.

...and then: there's Guy Pearce.
King Edward VIII's Diamond Vest
* (p.p.s. Derek Jacobi as Archbishop Cosmo! You can't make these names up.)

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Just call me Ruby said...

Myrtle's coat is a 1930s pattern called the Swagger Coat. I've just multi sized the pattern for the second volume of Stitch in Time Vol 2 - you can see the coat here

If you want to know anything more about the coat let me know.

Susan Crawford